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06502 - 3m x 3m Gala Tent™ Marquee Luxury (Poly)

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This years new vibrant Luxury Polyester PVC coated Gala Tent™ material! Gala Tent is the result of over a decade of improvements and modifications, much of which has been stimulated by suggestions and feedback from Gala Tent clients. The focus is on product flexibility, functionality and durability. The goal is to ensure that Gala Tent remains the best quality structure in its class and the first choice product of the hirer

Gala Tent is manufactured in seventeen different sizes! Gala Tent is supplied with a manufacturer’s quality guarantee. Anyone can understand the frustration of misplacing a pole, peg or panel. With Gala Tent you can simply replace any missing part by ordering it online. How many other marquee suppliers offer that level of customer service?

Safety Precautions
It is very important to anchor your Marquee to the ground, Tie Down Kits, Ground Bars and Heavy Duty Pegs are a recommended optional extra in even the calmest weather conditions. Please see related items. Tent sizes are approximate


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Gala Tent is the ideal solution for covering outdoor events or work areas. Easily transportable, Gala Tent is simple and quick to erect and provides immediate protection against the elements. Potential uses include trade stands, market stalls, car cover, smoking shelter and storage area. Gala Tent’s use is limited only by your imagination. Gala Tent is made up of linked 2m bays, which can be detached to create an opening anywhere around the tent.

The Gala Tent range have dual side panel options so you receive panels with large Georgian style windows and privacy panels to put over these if you are after a blank panel. The vertical side walls of the Gala Tent means it can stand flush with adjoining buildings to maximise floor space as required. The sidewalls also have 15cm(6”) side skirts to promote improved water run-off and drainage. The Gala Tent frame simply slots together and each leg comes complete with a base plated that can be pegged, bolted or weighted.

There are no hidden costs with Gala Tent as all come complete with full set of sidewalls and pegs to fully enclosure the structure, along with guild ropes and pegs.


The Gala Tent range of marquees is built to last. We've listed below the key features of the Gala Tent specification; combined we believe these features make Gala Tent the most durable marquee of its kind in the world:

* 500d Polyester PVC commercial quality covers
* British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
* Heavy duty eyelets
* Industrial zip fastening on all side panels
* Strong 38mm tubular steel frame and 44mm corner joints.
* Tube wall thickness upto 1.2mm
* Powder coated framework
* Georgian style window panels
* Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
* Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps
* Full instructions and care manual
* Window blank covers included for privacy
* 3 different size door entries on end panel, for multi use

Height Dimensions:
Eave Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 280cm

Door Dimensions:
Width 2.3m x Height 2m

People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 12
Seated With Table: 6

Packing Information
X1 – Carton 199x25x25cm – WT 32kg

Structure Size:
3m x 3m (aprox: 10ft x 10ft)


The Luxury Polyester PVC material was introduced in 2003 doubling the range of marquees Gala Tent offered to event organisers and the popular 3m x 3m again was a massive hit. The cost effective robust marquee as since been used as a market stall, storage tent, catering, ticket office, party tent and lots more and still remains one of our best selling marquees

Gala Tents have 3 levels of door entry on the end panel, and also every panel zips or bungees or is Dutch laced on every joint sometimes many buyers overlook this fundamental feature. If you have one large door opening that may prove to be a very drafty event.


Gala Tent PL Frame Warranty   Gala Tent PL Fabric Warranty




from 2 Reviews
3m x 3m Gala Tent™ Marquee Luxury (Poly)

This is our second marquee and a third one is to follow shortly. The service is good and quality outstanding.
3m x 3m Gala Tent™ Marquee Luxury (Poly)

this was a 3mx3m tent.I was happy with the overall construction and it survived all season without any problems and was secured well. i was less happy with the longevity of the fabric-though I understand it has been superseded for a better one. I am trying that now.

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