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Manufacturing Marquees since 1999

Gala Tent specialise in creating tailored solutions to meet your requirements for all events, no matter how big or small. With over 20 years experience in the Marquee Manufacturing industry, we have designed and implemented a wide range of innovative structures.

From individually designed frames to a wide range of cover options we can create interesting and unique structures. Whether you are organising a conference or wedding, product launch or birthday party, Gala Tent can help you create the perfect setting.

The Gala Tent Modular can be manufactured to meet any size requirement. The adaptability of the Gala Tent Modular enables you to downsize if required without needing any additional components. Gala Tent heavy-duty PVC material simply slots into the channels in the high-grade aluminium extruded framework.
The Gala Tent Modular has been proven to withstand wind speeds of up to 80 mph when used with the recommended tension bars and ground anchor pegs.

Here is more specific details on the components used in your Gala Tent Modular structure:

The Gala Tent Modular canopy is designed in a classical wave drape pattern. The UV-stabilised, anti-fungus and fire-retardant material to EU standards (BS 5867:1980) is 850gsm PVC making it the highest specification model available on today's market.

The Gala Tent Modular Side Panels are made from 650gsm PVC and can be supplied either with or without windows. The Side Panels are also UV-stabilised, anti-fungus treated and are fire-retardant to stringent EU standards (BS 5867:1980)

The luxurious lining is manufactured to the highest level of quality and meets all current EU flame retardant requirements (BS 5867:1980). The 3m Lining can be gathered in to 1m for maximum effect. The Lining is the perfect solution to create a unique atmosphere perfect for weddings, parties or corporate events.

All Gala Tent Modular structures come complete with ground bars as standard. The bars simply slot through the side panels and bolt to the legs to create maximum stability.

The Wooden Modular Flooring provides a level, solid and stable platform. The wooden flooring sits on a galvanised steel sub-frame to give ultimate strength and stability.
The subframe is constructed in two layers:
- The bottom layer consists of steel cross-bearers: each cross-bearer has an integral base plate. The base plates are fixed to the ground using earth anchors.
- The second layer comprises steel joists which sit on top of the cross-bearers. Lugs on the cross-bearers to ensure the joists are held securely and accurately in place.

The Gala Tent Modular can include high quality single or double door units (2.1m). Glazed Window Walls are also available to suit all structures. The contemporary design of the window walls enhances the visual appeal of the structure.

The Gala Tent ABS (Acrylonite Butadiene Styrene) Solid Wall system can be fitted on any of the Gala Tent Modular structures in placed of standard side wall sections. The quick and easy to install ABS walls enhance your Gala Tent by providing a feeling of robustness and permanency.

The Gala Tent Apex Fork is used to hand the highest ridge-pole on the apex of the structure. This is essential for erecting a modular marquee.

Gutter kits and infill panels are useful when joining two or more structures together. Heavy-duty anchor pegs are also recommended as they provide extra stability in high winds.

Marquee replacement parts and components for our full range are available on request.

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