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Marquee Luxury Lining

Are you looking for beautiful marquee satin lining to perfect your marquee party or wedding? Gala Tent's Ivory Satin Lining packages add an eye-catching classic look to your wedding or other celebrations. The first thing you will notice about our marquee linings is that they are of the highest quality. Our hand-sewn marquee linings are made of powerfully flame-resistant fabrics, and are capable of withstanding challenging weather conditions.

Equal attention is given to the quality and design; the lining is able to discreetly hide the attachments and framework of the marquee. Gala Tent's marquee satin lining and leg curtain package is able to create the perfect marquee atmosphere for weddings, garden parties and other celebrations. The satin look marquee lining fabric adds an exclusive touch and the sides can be left to free fall, or can be bunched to create a luxurious marquee lining curtain.

You may find that marquee lining hire prices for just one day are higher than our prices to actually purchase and keep, so Gala Tent make sure to keep stocked up with marquee lining for sale. Why hire marquee lining when you can buy your own at a cheaper price and keep it, or even sell it on or hire it to your friends.

Hot Tip: Coloured bulbs can be used in Gala globe lights and set behind the marquee lining material look different colours, creating different moods and settings. Alternatively, you can cover the globes in coloured paper or colour gels for a similar effect. See our blog for more information.

Size Available: All the way from 3m x 2m to 6m x 24m and beyond!