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00709 - 6m x 12m Gala Tent Marquee Original (PE)

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The 6m span Gala Tent range of marquees is built to last with a essential height of 3.7m and 44mm framework. We've listed below the key features of the Gala Tent specification; combined we believe these features make Gala Tent the most durable marquee of its kind in the world:

* 240g PE commercial quality covers
* British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
* Heavy duty eyelets
* Industrial zip fastening on all side panels
* Strong upto 44mm tubular steel frame and 44mm corner joints.
* Tube wall thickness upto 1.2mm
* Powder coated framework
* Georgian style window panels
* Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
* Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps
* Full instructions and care manual
* Window blank covers included for privacy
* 3 different size door entries on end panel, for multi use

Height Dimensions:
Eave Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 370cm
Height to A frame 282cm

Door Dimensions:
Width 4m x Height 2m

People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 120
Seated With Table: 60

Packing Information
1 x Carton 200x32x14cm – WT 46.7kg
5 x Carton 200x24.5x14cm – WT 34.9kg
1 x Carton 59x49x42cm – WT 38.6kg
1 x Carton 58x47x41cm - WT 27.5kg
1 x Carton 59x47x20cm - WT 10.2kg
6 x Carton 59x46x8cm - WT 3.4kg


Structure Size:
6m x 12m (aprox: 20ft x 40ft)


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Gala Tent™ is the ideal solution for covering outdoor events or work areas. Easily transportable, Gala Tent™ is simple and quick to erect and provides immediate protection against the elements, rain or shine.

Practical uses of the Classic Gala Tent™

* Celebrate spontaneous events at home as and when they occur.

* Provide an elegant guest marquee for garden parties, celebrations and festive occasions.

* Protection from the ever changing weather and cover for catering.

* Shade from the sun, pleasant cover during the chillier evening hours, prolonging your event.

* Suitable for all occasions. Perfect for sports teams, companies, clubs, markets, weddings, birthdays and many other celebrations.

* The ideal solution for use as temporary shelter, storage space or even cover for an outdoor pool.

* Other potential uses include trade stands, market stalls, car port cover, smoking shelter and with the window covers makes the ideal storage area. Gala Tent™’s use is limited only by your imagination. Gala Tent™ is made up of linked 2m bays, which can be detached to create an opening anywhere around the tent.

Dual sidewall with privacy blind

The Gala Tent™ range have dual side panel options so you receive panels with large Georgian style windows and privacy panels to cover them. The vertical side walls of the Gala Tent™ means it can stand flush with adjoining buildings to maximise floor space as required.

Side skirt for water drainage

The sidewalls also have 15cm(6”) side skirts to promote improved water run-off and drainage. The Gala Tent™ frame simply slots together, no tools required, and each leg comes complete with a base plate that can be pegged, bolted or weighted.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs with Gala Tent™ as all come complete with full set of sidewalls with privacy blinds and pegs to fully enclose the structure, along with guide ropes and pegs.

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Gala Tent PE Frame Warranty   Gala Tent PE Fabric Warranty


Gala Tent™ Marquees are perfect for many different occasions and provide a truly affordable even solution, whether for home or commercial use; ideal for Trade Stands, Market Stalls, Car Port, Garden Parties, Functions, Weddings, Storage and Community Fetes. Gala Tent™ is a trusted quality trademarked product that will keep your event covered, come rain or shine.

View the New version of the original award-winning Designed & Built in Britain Gala Tent™ Marquee, the marquee that completely transformed the event industry. The PE material is now unquestionably the best quality material of its kind available. Gala Tent™ is the result of over a decade of improvements and modifications, much of which has been stimulated by suggestions and feedback from Gala Tent™ clients. The focus is on product flexibility, functionality and durability. The goal is to ensure that Gala Tent™ remains the best quality structure in its class.


Gala Tent™ is manufactured in seventeen different sizes. If you find that you need a larger marquee at a later date, the Gala Tent™ Multi-Bay option offers the flexibility you need, benefiting from a 2m add-on bay option. Gala Tent™ is supplied with a manufacturer’s quality guarantee. Anyone can understand the frustration of misplacing a pole, peg or panel. With Gala Tent you can simply replace any missing part by ordering it online. How many other marquee suppliers offer that level of customer service?

Non - Toxic Steel Structural Components

* Gala Tent™ steel tubular pole framework is carefully treated with white powder coating, NOT toxic galvanized or zinc coated paint. This method can potentially be dangerous to humans due to the acid that is used in the manufacturing process. Remember that your hands will be coming into contact with the poles, and in some cases, this can lead to poisoning. Galvanized steel also stains the material which then makes the marquee fabric more perishable, this is why Gala Tent™ use powder coating for the perfect elegant finish.

* Gala Tent™ powder coated steel joint connectors secure to the pole frame with locating heavy duty 50mm winged threaded bolts, with no tools required as the specially designed bolt can be tightened by hand.

* Steel base plates are used on the leg poles, which can also be anchored down for extra security with pegs provided.

* Side skirt and sidewall ground pegs are all included in this package.

* Gala Tent™ Marquees are super quality, ahead of the competition with quality price and value for money. We do not sacrifice quality for margin or seek to compete with off-the-shelf, Chinese mass-produced products which do not stand the test of time.

(COPQ) Cost of Poor Quality

"The below video was sent in to our customer service department, by an individual who asked specifically to create awareness of his story after purchasing a cheaper tent elsewhere. The video shows a mass-produced, cheap Chinese-manufactured inferior product which is not suitable for its purpose. Clear video evidence shows the poor quality in manufacturing and misleading descriptions. The frames are sometimes advertised as galvanised, when they are in fact zinc coated and done on the cheap. This can be quite toxic to the touch, and once in contact with the tent covers will eventually stain and perish them. Another clear give-away to look for, is if the range of 6m wide marquees are limited to a height of 3m at the centre apex. This is to save on manufacturing and material costs, and it would be wise to stay clear of this particular tent and any company selling them. If you have had a similar story of events please let us know."

Keep Reading About Gala Quality.

Quality Covers

* All covers are made from 240gsm Polyethylene thermoplastic polymer with variable crystalline structure. It is a flexible, durable and strong material with very unique flow properties that make it particularly suitable for applications which need to be water resistant. Gala Tent Polyethylene (PE) is woven on both sides making this material unquestionably the best quality available. The canopies are double stitched for extra strength, then treated to be UV resistant and water-resistant. Most importantly, they are fire-rated to British BS 5438 and BS 7837 standards.

Gala Tent Material

Gala Tent™ marquees come in two material variations; PE (polyethylene) and PVC. There are a few levels of PVC and PE quality in the market place, and some unscrupulous sellers will incorrectly advertise them as 240gsm or 500gsm. We have even seen material being advertised at 650g to match Gala Tent™ PVC quality, and upon inspection, they are closer to 380gsm PVC and 160gsm PE.

Here is a video case study below

"If you are unsure then order a sample of the material from Gala Tent and few other sellers and compare we will guarantee you that nothing compares to Gala Tent™ quality."

* Gala Tent™ Marquees which are 6m wide have an extra A framework, and extra centre ridge frame. The height is also enhanced and increased to 3.7m, engineered for safety, whilst our competitors supply 3m unsafe versions which do not compare to Gala Tent™.

* You can control the climate and atmosphere of your event by removing individual 2m sidewalls or end panel sections instantly, to accommodate the occasion.

* Gala Tent™ canopies are manufactured in a seamed one-piece roof section which is an important feature, as this enables the material to remain nice and taut for many years of use.

* Both the end gable sections and the side panel sections can be completely or individually removed to make a canopy only structure, which would be ideal for use as a car port.

* The end gable walls feature both a wide entrance and a narrow doorway that can be rolled up.

* The entrances are opened and closed using heavy duty zip or Dutch laced systems exclusive to Gala Tent™

* Large Georgian panoramic windows in each sidewall section let light flood in to the marquee, and every window panel benefits from a blind cover suitable for blocking light, privacy and storage.

* The windows are made from windproof hard-wearing PVC material.

* All side and end panels overlap using zip, bungee or lace and Velcro. This ensures no draughts, and limited movement of covers flapping in the wind, reducing the annoying cracking noise.

* Package includes: Full framework and joint fittings, bungee straps, side panels, end panels, canopy, internal and external sidewall pegs, guy ropes and heavy-duty pegs.

Safety Precautions

It is very important to anchor your marquee to the ground even in the calmest weather conditions. The Ground Bar Rail Set is not included in this package, and for Ratchet Tie Down Kits, and Heavy-Duty Ground Rail Pegs and Storage Bags, please see related items.

*** Gala Tent only sell marquees in the colour white because this is the most popular colour and has the highest second-hand re-sale value. ***

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The 6m range of Gala Tent marquees was introduced in 2002 again Gala Tent being the pioneer in changing the event industry by making it now affordable to buy a 6m span marquee rather than hire. The 6m span Gala Tent remains the market leader because is has been around the longest and evolved and developed through many years of improvements through customer feedback, if you think one marquee is like any other then you would be wrong.

Our 6m structures are purchased by marquee hire companies, used for weddings, exhibitions, market traders, antique dealers, large garden parties, event storage and lots more..

All our 6m structures benefit from a essential 44mm framework and 3.7m height using more material than any other manufacturer for safety standards, we will not compromise on quality ensuring you have a successful event.

Gala Tents have 3 levels of door entry on the end panel, and also every panel zips or bungees or is Dutch laced on every joint sometimes many buyers overlook this fundamental feature. If you have one large door opening that may proof to be a very drafty event.

Buy Right First Time!

We hear so many story’s of peoples marquee tube breaking underneath them, losing a joint or need a replacement part or just flying away in windy conditions “What a waste of your hard earn cash”

Gala Tent™ is unrivalled in quality and value for money so make sure you stand proud at any event hovering over the cheap models. Whatever the weather, whatever the event. Gala Tent™ have got you covered with our wide range of structures to suit all budgets.

Award Winning Company

The Gala Tent™ has awards in Patent design and technology, features and optional equipment our competitors can only dream off. We also have an award winning customer service team.

Gala Tent are Never Beaten on Quality and Value for Money

So make a commercial decision right now to buy right first time and invest in a durable, commercial quality Marquee from Gala Tent™. You may spend a little more initially, but this purchase will save you heaps of money in the long term and serve the purposed it was intended for...................... Makes sense right?

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How to erect a 6m Gala Tent Marquee

Marquee Guide to Quality

Case Study - The Cost of Poor Quality

6m x 12m GalaTent PE Marquee Assembly Instructions

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