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The Pop Up Shop is a £3 billion Industry.

Pop up shops also known as pop-up retail stores in the UK and Ireland is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces that started many years ago in Los Angeles and now pop up all over the world.

With the pop-up store market estimated to be worth in excess of £3 billion a year in the UK alone it’s clear the phenomenon is here to stay.

From street food to fashion, to bookshops to sport shops, Christmas markets, seasonal farmer's markets, holidays, fireworks,, Halloween costume shops, consumer expos, and event-specific concessions are other examples of temporary retailing In a pop up shop.

Retailers whether start up, SME or large enterprise are all using the pop-up shop method to grow their sales and experiment with new ideas and promotions.

The flexibility of a Pop-Up Shop

For small retailers the pop up store offers a cost effective, flexible route to market. SME’s can test drive concepts and refine or adapt their proposition to suit consumer tastes without the pressure of a long-term lease. Businesses can test the water, create brand awareness and showcase the next big thing in retail. Some now very well-known brands launched via a pop-up shop, including Innocent Drinks.

In our UK online shop you will see a high quality range of pop up shops offering exceptional value for money, with an unrivalled 5 years warranty.

Now in its 20th year in business, Gala Tent is an award winning company, and the preferred contract supplier for many hire companies, councils and branches of the emergency services and the military. Gala Tent is a trusted brand used by Virgin, Lego, RAC, RAF, high profile film productions, even Google and No 10 Downing Street purchase from Gala Tent.

Gala Tent literally help provide pop up shops to thousands of clients throughout the UK, with a data base of over 100,000 customers, which can't be wrong right? We manufacture and sell over 15,000 pop up store structures each year, making Gala Tent the largest stockist in the UK

Custom Design printing and branding

The Gala Tent pop up shop is used by many of Britain’s leading companies for promotional events to raise brands awareness. The quality finish of the Pro range mirrors the qualities companies seek to incorporate in to their brand identities. You can raise awareness of your product, company and campaign through the use of wide format colour printing click here to see some designs.