6m x 22m Gala Tent Marquee Pro Original (PE)

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Gala Tent PE Marquee

A strong, powder-coated steel framework with 240g Polyethylene (PE) covers set this robust garden party marquee aside from other off-the-shelf event tents. It is a functional, low cost marquee available in twenty two sizes, from the compact and private 3m x 2m party tent up to the spacious and imposing 6m x 24 function room marquee.

The 44mm tubular steel framework is powder-coated for protection against the elements, and connects together using extra strong steel joints. The roof section is strengthened by braces every 2m, which allow the structure to remain stable in adverse conditions. It comes supplied complete with marquee canopy, plus end walls that have three built-in doorway options as standard, plus sidewalls with stylish windows, and built-in privacy blinds. The Pro Package also includes a full set of marquee ground bars, which maintain the legs at 90 degrees and adds stability by transforming the tent into a cubic structure. 

Ideal for home and garden parties, temporary pub and hotel extensions and all manner of commercial application, this is a low cost, functional marquee that does exactly what it needs to. 

Gala Tent Marquees are famed for their strength, and ability to remain standing when cheap marquees crumble at the first sign of wind or rain. For over twenty years, we have refined our products using customer feedback to guide our way, and our name has become synonymous with heavy duty marquees that stand the test of time. 


Concerned about cost or quality?

I made a commercial decision many years ago, not to compete on price but to compete on quality and value for money. We were at the forefront of the marquee revolution at the turn of the millennium, and have remained market leaders for a reason. There are now many competitors offering what they claim to be of comparable quality to the Gala Tent structures, at a fraction of the price. However after many case studies it has become clear that they are evidently not. I have invested heavily in research and development, design and technology, secured patents which stand Gala Tent marquees apart from the rest, and produced the finest range of marquees on the market. A range which has proven time and again to last many times longer than even the closest competitor’s products. I'm sure again you will agree that there will always be a cheap option for any purchase, and we have all bought a product on Price, but ultimately ended up disappointed, which comes at a COST.

Gala Tent receives countless calls from customers looking for spare parts to repair inferior marquees, but each of our structures is utterly unique to Gala Tent. Each component belongs to OUR marquees. If you buy a Gala Tent marquee then you can be assured that spare parts are available next working day, so even in the unlikely event that you’d need some any time soon, you can get them, no worries.

Don't get caught out, buy right, first time. It’s not an event without Gala Tent

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Jason Mace, Managing Director

P.S "It's not an event without Gala Tent"

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The Gala Tent range of marquees is built to last. We've listed below the key features of the Gala Tent specification; combined we believe these features make Gala Tent the most durable marquee of its kind in the world:

 Gala Tent is never beaten on quality and value for money!

  • Approx 240g PE commercial quality covers
  • British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
  • Heavy duty brass eyelets
  • Industrial zip fastening on all side panels
  • Strong upto 44mm tubular steel frame and 44mm corner joints.
  • Tube wall and plate thickness upto 1.2mm
  • Powder coated framework
  • Georgian style window panels
  • Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
  • Heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps
  • Full instructions and care manual
  • Window blank covers included for privacy and storage
  • 3 different size door entries on he end panel, for multi use
  • Detachable leg covers

Special joining panels means 6m x 22m Gala Tent can be split in two separate structures if required.

* 6m x 10m Canopy
* 6m x 12m Canopy
* 6m x 22m framework
* Gutter joint kit
* Sidewall infill panels

Height Dimensions:
Eave Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 370cm
Height to A frame 282cm
Door Dimensions:
Width 4m x Height 2m
People Capacity:
Standing Auditorium Style: 200
Seated With Table: 100

Packing Information

2 x Carton 200x32x14cm – WT 45kg
9 x Carton 200x24.5x14cm – WT 35kg
1 x Carton 59x49x42cm – WT 37kg
1 x Carton 58x47x41cm - WT 28kg
2 x Carton 59x47x20cm - WT 10.5kg
11 x Carton 59x46x8cm - WT 4.5kg
1 x Carton 62x47x39cm – WT 32.30kg
1 x Carton 59x47x37cm - WT 23kg

X1 - Carton 199x20.5x18cm - WT 35kg
X1 – Carton 199x25x18cm – WT 39kg


Structure Size:
6m x 22m (aprox: 20ft x 73ft) 

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