Your Guide to Gala Tent Marquee and Gazebo Brochure

Whether you're hosting a grand wedding, setting up a market stall, or simply enjoying a garden gathering with friends, Gala Tent has the perfect shelter solution for you. Our newly updated Marquee & Gazebo brochures are designed to simplify your search for the ideal structure.

A Gala Tent Brochure

Selecting the Perfect Shelter: Marquees and Gazebos

Marquees, characterised by their pole-and-beam-based design, offer a wide range of options. From the intimate 3m x 2m garden marquee to the spacious 9m x 30m event structure, they are versatile and come with covers in either white 240 gsm polyethylene (PE) or 650 gsm wipe-clean PVC. Marquees are popular for various occasions, including weddings, corporate functions, outdoor expansions for hotels and restaurants, agricultural shows, beer festivals, motorsport awnings, Scout and Guides Jamborees, and external wash bays.

Versatile Shelters for Every Occasion

On the other hand, our Gazebos are known for their rapid deployment. These all-in-one frame structures are available in four different strengths and come with universal Gala Shade covers in a vibrant range of twelve colours. With sizes ranging from 3m x 2m to a spacious 4m x 8m, they are perfect for market stalls, exhibition stands, art and craft fairs, fundraising tents, mobile valeting and detailing shelters, outdoor labouring, motorsport awnings, information stations, medical emergency tents, garden canopy shades, and first aid tents.

You can easily select the right shelter for your needs with confidence. If you have any questions or need further information, our dedicated team is just a call away at 01709 242454 or you can drop us a line. We're here to assist you promptly and ensure your events and outdoor activities are a resounding success.

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