Gala Tent Warranty Disclaimer


  1. For insurance we recommend that you contact your own personal advisor to check or add cover under your household or business policy as a precaution should your warranty claim be deemed invalid.

  1. Gala Tent provide a limited 12 months to 5 years’ manufacturer’s warranty, as listed in the products descriptions. The warranty covers against framework and material corrosion only and not against rips or tears in the material caused through use. We do however offer a repair service .

  1. Gala Tents are commercial quality, but not a permanent structure and should be disassembled during adverse and/or windy weather conditions. More detailed guidance is provided in your Instructions and Care, which can be downloaded from here here.

  1. All Gala Tent Marquees purchased through Gala Tent Ltd are not covered under warranty for damage caused by improper use or adverse weather.

  1. During extremely cold weather the windows on the sidewalls may become brittle if stored in cold conditions. It is recommended to store in a moderately warm area. If you feel the material may have been subject to a cold environment then unpack the sidewalls at room temperature to avoid cracking as your warranty will not cover you for cracked window panels.

  1. We do advise that, if you are planning to leave your structure erected for many days/weeks/months, the weather should be checked regularly to ensure the safety of the structure. In the event of strong winds we recommend that the structure be taken down completely or at a minimum covers removed.

  1. Gala Tent provide a very supportive after sales service with a full catalogue of spare parts so, in the event damage may occur to your structure, there is always a backup service where spare parts can be purchased online or over the phone with our sales team.

  1. Gala Tent also provides a repair service. You can send in your damaged material and Gala Tent will restore, patch up and make good. (Subject to quotation).

  1. If for any reason you cannot find a part for a structure you purchased from Gala Tent then use our contact form for help and advice from our Customer Service Team, click here

  1. All of our products (including printing and bespoke items) will be branded with the Gala Tent™ logo, or identity tag, this branding is not optional and is included on every product sold to identify where they were purchased.

  1. It is you’re responsibility to take precautions and safety measures including any site surveys and risk assessments.

  1. Your goods will be delivered in boxes. It is vitally important that you do not open your cartons with a knife or sharp object as you may cut the Gala Tent material. The correct procedure is to peel back the tape from the corner to open the cartons. Gala Tent will not replace material that you have knowingly or unknowingly cut. All material is quality control inspected upon packing and there is no possible way whatsoever a cut can appear in the material unless its has been carelessly opened with a knife or sharp object. Reports of this nature are dismissed, however you can purchase a repair swatch in the identical colour to patch this now effected area.

  1. Make sure your Gala Tent is securely anchored using the recommended quantity of Tie Down Kits. Tie Down Kits can be used on all Gala Tents.

  1. We recommend that the supplied Guide Ropes are used. Guide Ropes attach on all four corners of your Gala Tent and will help with balance and stability.

  1. It is recommended that Ground Bars are used to add weight and stability. As well as keeping your structure totally square, sand bags can be laid over these to add extra weight.

  1. We recommend that Cast Iron Weighted Feet are used where suitable. These can be stacked so you can add two or more on top of each other if required.

  1. We also recommend that Weight Bags are used wherever suitable. These are very easy to attach, simply fill with sand or water and fasten around the leg pole.

  1.  Heavy-Duty Ground Pegs are a recommended accessory. These are very useful for pegging down ground bars on soft ground as well as for attaching guide ropes to.

  1. Taking precautions against adverse weather conditions is very important and your responsibly; check the weather, even if you have taken all the above safety measures it is still advised that if winds speeds exceed 30mph then take your Gala Tent down. Gala Tent Ltd cannot guarantee your structure in any weather conditions whatsoever, as they are so unpredictable and can change in an instant without warning.

  1. Gala Tent Ltd will not be responsible for any losses resulting from your use or the inability to use a Gala Tent.

  1. Gala Tent Ltd will not be responsible for your loss of profits, wasted expenditure, or any other loss whatsoever.

  1. Gala Tents Gala Shade pop up gazebos will fit in the carry bag with the canopy attached to the framework, however some individuals forget to unclip the ties and the canopy which will then tear the material. So as a precaution we have to say we strongly advise that the canopy is removed before collapsing your gazebo, as this may cause snags and tears if left on. If the canopy is left on this is at the users own risk and these damages are not covered under warranty.

  1. During mass production we try to keep quality control at a premium however there are some minor details that are sometimes impossible to rectify, so very minor imperfections that do not effect the usability of the Gala Tent we do not consider manufacture faults and not claimable against warranty. The structures we sell are commercial quality and if your Gala Tent bares any of the below listed minor imperfections it is unlikely it will be visible to the eye or effect the usability of the Gala Tent whatsoever. This is mass production and high quality is achieved at a very affordable price as an added benefit.

    a. Slight discolouration of material in certain areas because we use heat press machinery to seal certain areas of the material against leakage.

    b. Stitching that is slightly off track due to human operator, but not effecting usability or leakage. This is not a fault, some panels and canopies are 12m long and to line these perfectly on a human production line is simply unreasonable not to mention quite impossible.

    c. Pinholes caused by stitching by human operator, because in just about all canopies and sidewalls there is some form of stitching and we seal the pinholes in the factory, however if you are still concerned we will send you a tube of silicon to ensure you of contingency.

    d. Rarely there maybe a canopy or wall missing an eyelet, again this is not a manufacture fault in this instance we would send you a free eyelet kit to clip the missing eyelet in place yourself during your next event and you will have some spares for future reference.

    e. Pin holes caused by lasers in manufacture. Lasers are used to line up the stitching and occasionally the odd one is left barely visible on the panels, the tiny hole is sealed around the outside and will not rip or tear and will not affect the use of the panels.

  1. To the full extent permissible by law, Gala Tent Ltd disclaims all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in business projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or inability to use the website or any goods purchased from the website appearing on

  1. All bulbs and heater elements are only subject to a limited warranty of 30 days due to their fragile nature.

  1. All products being used for hire are subject to a limited 30 day warranty, due to the third party nature of your business. We recommend you invest in a specialist insurance policy for this type of business.

  1. Catering equipment is subject to a limited 30 days warranty i.e tables, chairs, crockery, worktops and steak stones unless electrical where there is a standard 12 months limited warranty.

  1. We reserve the right to send a replacement part of a product rather than exchange the whole item if this part proven faulty. Our products are designed to be able to swap parts easily to enable customers to keep them going for years.

  1. The bolts on our gala shade gazebos are not locked in place so that parts can be changed and your structure can be kept going for years. This does mean that the bolts will need to be tightened every now and again as part of the maintenance of the structure. Any lost bolts are available for purchase online or over the phone.

  1. The sizes and dimensions of all products are approximate and only to be used as a guide. Please seek further advice from the Sales Team if you require clarification.

Am I entitled to a replacement canopy or sidewall if mine has ripped?
Unfortunately not. Material only rips under undue stress, plus Gala Tent canopies and sidewalls are double stitched for strength, and extreme force would be required to cause a rip or tear which they are not designed for. However, don't worry we do offer a repair service or you may be entitled to a discount if your purchase is still covered by warranty. You may also be covered under your business or household insurance, worth a check as sometimes they pick up the bill.

Material is not covered under warranty for rips/tears under undue stress, because all material i.e canopies sidewalls are double stitched for strength and it would take extreme force to rip or tear which they are not designed for. However don't worry we do offer a repair service or you may be entitled to a discount if your purchase is covered by warranty. You may also be covered under your business or household insurance, worth a check as sometimes they pick up the bill.


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