Gala Tent International Distributor Responsibilities

Distributor Responsibilities

1. The distributor accepts the appointment and agrees to represent the interests of Gala Tent Ltd and its Trademarks incorporating the Gala Tent vision within the terms of the agreement.

2.  At the discretion of Gala Tent Ltd, products, prices and payment terms may be updated from time to time by amendment, deletion or addition. Where reasonably possible the distributor will be notified in advance with at minimum of 7 days notice. Changes should be seamless on the management system. 

3.  The distributor shall promote and sell agreed Gala Tent products and use its best efforts to maximise the quantity sold in order to achieve the minimum expected level of revenue for Gala Tent (typically £500,000 per 10 million head of population). This is a at a 3 years marketing plan provide by the distributor; however, we would expect this achieved sooner due to the powerful systems in place.

4.  The distributor agrees to maintain or employ adequate technical staff to maintain a level of expertise necessary to demonstrate, promote and support the sale and use by customers of the products.

5.  The distributor agrees to treat as confidential all information supplied by Gala Tent Ltd and not to use this information for any purpose other than promoting and selling the Gala Tent product range.

6.  The distributor agrees not to sell or promote competitive products and undertakes not to substitute alternative products for Gala Tent products following customer enquiry. Such practice is considered unethical and further partnership would be immediately terminated; there is no warning for this type of activity.

7.  Gala Tent will accept orders from distributors and use its best efforts to deliver them within a reasonable time agreed on the day of order.

8.  Gala Tent will provide support and assistance to the distributor by telephone or fax or email and in person as may reasonably be required to promote and support the partnership.

9.  Gala Tent will furnish the distributor with sales leads and enquiries where appropriate though not guaranteed.

10.  Upon agreement, ‘Master’ Gala Tent distributors will be credited for end-user sales made directly through the Gala Tent website in the territory of the distributor. Such agreements will be made on a one-to-one basis and require additional distributor and Gala Tent commitments and minimum annual sales required (subject to a separate agreement) This only applies if you set on further distributor showrooms in your country, we will advise on this should this become part of your business model.

11.  If there is a report that a Gala Tent customer is unhappy with the service the distributor has provided, we may take charge of this sale and deliver direct to the customer, no commission is paid to the distributor. If there is a high number of complaints we will investigate this further, this may lead to withdrawing from any future business from the distributor.

1.  Gala Tent will accept orders by fax,phone, email or online. Usually orders will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt. Shipping of product is only undertaken to the distributor. Gala Tent are not able to accept orders for shipment direct to the distributor's customer if in another country unless this was a pallet order as individual orders carry a high price and it is unlikely you will win any sales with this business structure, so carrying stock is an essential part of this agreement. However is some instances direct delivery to your customer maybe acceptable, but the general rule is to be a stockist or offer a 7 – 28 day lead time for delivery so you don’t disappoint your customer and have enough time to place an order.
2.  The minimum order value for export price is £1500
3.  If your order has a net value of £10,000 you qualify for a reduced price.
4.  Drop ship purchase orders only carry a 10% discount; they do not qualify for export prices due to low margin quality orders.
5.  International agents orders carry a 5% commission.
6.  To qualify for a distributor the minimum annul net order value is £50,000

7. To qualify for an exclusive distributor the minimum annul net order value is £250,000

1.  Payment terms are agreed with each distributor. Gala Tent does not accept Letter of Credit or Cash Against Documents. 
2.  Payment methods shall be by either of the following methods:
3.  Bank transfer, payment as detailed on invoices from Gala Tent Ltd. For orders valued at less than £2000 net, payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) we have an award winning secure system by phone and email. You will also have this system to take customer payments. 

1.  No returns are accepted without prior approval. In general, returns are only accepted for faulty goods or goods for repair. Faulty or damaged goods must be reported within a reasonable time period.


Customer Service
1. Every distributor is responsible for providing there own customer service following the terms and condition set out. If there is an issue you are finding difficult to deal with then send photographic details and any customer emails to your account manager for assistance. Photos are important as if there is a genuine fault we need to deal with this from the production line. This may also help improve certain products if a problem persists.

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