Gala Shade recreational and professional pop up gazebos.

The Gala Tent brand is regarded as the premier name in the event industry, chances are if you have visited an outdoor show it's Gala Tent covering the event. Gala Tent specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality professional pop up gazebos, which are available in a steel or aluminium framework. For bigger gatherings, a large gazebo with waterproof side panels can provide added shelter against the elements.

Don't leave your pop up gazebo in storage as its suitable for many applications

10 Great Ideas For How To Use Your Pop-Up Gazebo

1) On a nice sunny day set up your pop up gazebo in the garden, add a chair, and a book and relax, a pop up gazebo will create extra outdoor space, giving you more room to spread out and make the most of your garden. Its nice just to get out of the house even if its just a few feet away.

2) Fancy a picnic with the Mrs, family and friends? Take your pop up gazebo for a joy ride, you will need shade both the food and the unpredictable English weather. Pop up gazebos are lightweight and can be packed down in to a carry bag so they are easily transported. Click here to view our compact gazebo range

3) Everyone loves a summer BBQ so bring out your pop up gazebo to provide cover when flipping those buns and burgers, better used with the sides off as ventilation is also important and you will look like a pro even if you dish out burnt offerings.

4) Use your pop up gazebo for a car boot sale, unload all the unwanted clutter sitting around your house and garage and set it under your gazebo to turn it in to cash, lovely jubbly.

5) Raise funds for your much loved favourite charity by setting up your pop up gazebo at a show or event, most charities have a page where you can sign up and receive some advertising signs and literature for the event. This type of event is called giving back and very rewarding.

6) What about a promotion for your job sector or business, town centres, shopping malls and targeted trade shows are a great place to promote a product or service and a pop up gazebo makes the perfect trade stand. try our gazebo designer click here.

7) Take you pop up gazebo camping, as it will come in handy for creating extra outdoor space for the BBQ, sun shade and you may even get some visitors who want to stay over, the gazebo can double up as a guest room, just simply add some flooring. click here to view flooring.

8) If you have small children a gazebo makes a great protective cover when they are playing outside. So fill the pop up gazebo with toys, they will love it. If you have older children your pop up gazebo can be used when their friends visit and can double up as a party room, as children can be messy why not keep the mess outside? This is a great tip.

9) Everyone has a birthday and or anniversary each year, I'm sure the pop up gazebo will come in handy to extend the patio and living space, especially if you have a large one as they come in sizes up to 4m x 8m. Click here to see a 4m x 8m pop up gazebo.

10) Maybe you are very sporty or just like to spectate? Why not take your gazebo to a sporting event for cover, add a few folding chairs and a few drinks and your sorted. We have seen these at countless Motorsports events, horse riding shows, polo and many more. Click here to view folding chairs.