Pop-Up Gazebos

The perfect solution for any short-term shelter demands, whether for market trading, motorsport, home and garden parties, hot tub shelter, or information stands, to name just a few uses, pop up gazebos are a versatile piece of kit. They offer a quick shade and shelter to people, products and equipment, and with the option of having them branded, they can become a fully transportable shop for retailers of pretty much anything.

This article explores what a pop up gazebo is, what they can be used for, and how to put one up, amongst other useful informative pieces of content.

Pro DX Pop Up Gazebo in the Garden
Custom Printed Gala Shade Pop Up Gazebo Market Stall
Pop Up Gazebo Garden Party

The Gala Shade Range of Pop Up Gazebos

Gala Shade Pro DX Pop Up Gazebo
Pro DX Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
32mm Octagonal Steel Legs Hammer Tested Nylon Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 3m
Gala Shade Pro MX Pop Up Gazebo
Pro MX Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
32mm Square Steel Legs Hammer Tested Nylon Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 4.5m | 3m x 6m
Gala Shade Pro Compact Pop Up Gazebo
Pro Compact Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
40mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs Hammer Tested Nylon Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 3m
Gala Shade Pro 40 Pop Up Gazebo
Pro 40 Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
40mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs Hammer Tested Nylon and Profile Aluminium Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 3m | 3m x 4.5m | 3m x 6m
Gala Shade Pro 50 Pop Up Gazebo
Pro 50 Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
50mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs Profile Aluminium Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 3m | 3m x 4.5m | 3m x 6m | 4m x 6m | 4m x 8m
Gala Shade Pro 60 Pop Up Gazebo
Pro 60 Pop-Up Gazebo
Frame Strength: 
60mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs Double Reinforced Profile Aluminium Joints 600d PVC Coated Polyester Canopy
Colours available:


Sizes available:
3m x 6m | 4m x 8m

Pop Up Gazebo Accessories

Pop Up Gazebo Leg Weight
Pop-Up Gazebo
Weights and Tie Downs
For hard or soft ground Effective gazebo anchoring
Pop Up Gazebo storage and transport bag
Pop-Up Gazebo Transporting Bags
For all gazebo models Effective frame protection
Pop Up Gazebo Sidewall with open door
Pop-Up Gazebo Sidewalls
Universal High Quality Mix and Match with Canopy

What is a pop-up gazebo?

A pop up gazebo is a portable, collapsible structure designed to provide instant shelter in various outdoor settings. Constructed from robust materials such as steel or aluminium, when they are anchored effectively with tie-downs or gazebo weights, these structures can withstand adverse weather conditions, offering protection from the rain, sun, and wind.

Whether you're a small business owner looking for an effective branding solution, or simply someone who enjoys the great outdoors, a pop up gazebo is an indispensable tool.

Choose from Steel or Aluminium Pop Up Gazebo frames

Aluminium Pop Up Gazebo Frames

  • Lightweight construction
  • Non-rusting
  • Up to 2mm gauge materials
  • Up to 5-point height adjustments
  • Commercial Standard
  • Robust Hex Shaped Legs

Shop Aluminium Pop Up Gazebos

Steel Pop Up Gazebo Frames

  • Silver powder coated steel
  • Up to 1.2mm gauge materials
  • Hammer-Tested Nylon Joints
  • Square or Octagon Shaped Legs
  • Up to 5-point height adjustments
  • Suitable for light-moderate commercial use

Shop Steel Pop Up Gazebos

Unique Technology in each pop up gazebo

Our pop up gazebos are developed exclusively in-house using customer feedback as our guide. Each gazebo has exclusive components that elevate it above many others on the market. External peak pole springs in the commercial aluminium pop gazebos help to protect the framework in windy conditions. We use profile aluminium joints instead of the cast alloy which is in use by our competitors. The Pro 60 is the UK’s only pop up gazebo that uses 60mm hexagonal legs and double reinforced joints. These are just some of the reasons why Gala Tent pop up gazebos are renowned as the strongest and longest-lasting on the UK market.

Gala Shade Pop Up Gazebo peak pole spring

Universal Pop Up Gazebo covers

At Gala Tent, we use the same superior quality 600 denier PVC-coated polyester material the covers for all of our pop up gazebos, whether you buy an entry level or top of the range tent. We do not cut corners on quality and are committed to putting our name on only the highest quality, waterproof materials that are fire-rated. All of our pop up gazebos are available with a choice of twelve colour canopies, with a range of sidewall options to match.

Pop Up Gazebos for Business

Our range of pop up gazebos are suitable for all manner of business uses, from occasional trade shows to city centre information kiosks, to daily use as a market stall. Each tent is supplied in one single piece that expands to up to 4m x 8m in area, depending on the model you select. Make use of a heavy duty storage bag for your commercial pop up gazebo, to simplify transporting it from A to B.

Pop Up Gazebos for at home in the garden

Entertain and shelter your party guests, whatever the weather. Whether it’s a summer barbecue or a Christmas lunch, our range of garden gazebos are lightweight and easily erectable in a matter of minutes to cover you and your loved ones in the garden. Why not use your pop up gazebo as a regular evening shelter over your decking to give you freedom to enjoy your garden in all weathers?

Popular uses for pop up gazebos

As mentioned, pop up gazebos are popular across a range of sectors and for various purposes. Here are some of the most common uses:

Motorsport Shelter

In the world of motorsport, pop up gazebos provide essential shelter for vehicles and equipment. They also serve as hospitality units for teams and spectators alike.

Garden Shelter

Never let the weather spoil a garden party again by keeping a high quality pop up gazebo in the shed or garage and pop it up at a moment’s notice.

Hot Tub Shelter

Whether for privacy or protection against the elements, pop up gazebos are a popular choice for hot tub owners, and are often provided by hot tub hiring professionals looking to offer a comprehensive service.

Market Stall

Pop up gazebos are replacing traditional market stalls in a massive way, offering a transportable and professional-looking solution for traders and city market operators alike.

How to set up a pop up gazebo

Setting up a pop up gazebo is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort. While the exact steps may vary depending on the model, the general process involves expanding the frame, attaching the canopy, and securing the structure with stakes or weights. The video below will demonstrate just how easy it can be.

Printed pop up gazebos for businesses

For many businesses, printed gazebos are absolutely vital. We’re talking street food sellers, charities, valeting and detailing professionals, market operators, theme parks and attractions, the emergency services and many more. A printed pop up gazebo is essentially a portable shop front, and the way that millions of customers up and down the country discover new brands and businesses to fall in love with.

The entire Gala Shade range of gazebos can be customised with different printing processes, from the intricate design flair that is afforded by dye-sublimation printing, to the more simple yet effective heat-pressed vinyl printing. If you’re a business owner looking to buy a pop up gazebo, then supplementing your investment with custom printing is highly recommended.

Pop up gazebos in a nutshell

Whether for personal or commercial use, a pop up gazebo is a versatile and practical investment. Offering instant shelter and an opportunity for effective branding, it's no wonder that they have become a staple at outdoor events and gatherings.

If you’re in the market for a pop up gazebo, but you’re not sure which of our range is suited for you then why not take our effective test to get the right tent, first time? Alternatively, our team can be contacted via telephone on 01709 242454, through live chat, or why not drop us a message here and we’ll be back in touch quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Gala Tent sells Pop Up Gazebos that are priced from £209.99 including VAT and free delivery.

It will depend on the size and weight of the tent, but usually no more than two people are needed. A Gala Shade Pro DX 3m x 3m tent for example, would be easily erected by one person quickly. A 4m x 8m Gala Shade Pro 60 would require two or three people to erect it safely.

Absolutely, you are able to create a very sustainable business from renting out Pop Up Gazebos for private or business hire. You would need a commercial quality gazebo such as the Gala Shade Pro 50 to ensure they perform to the standard you need on a regular basis. Check out our Business Start-Ups page to learn more about starting your event hiring business.

The material in a Gala Tent Pop Up Gazebo is a highly water resistant 600d PVC-coated Polyester. The gazebo covers are available in twelve great colours too.

The Pop Up Gazebos you can buy from Gala Tent are 100% suitable for use all year. Do be aware that although they are incredibly strong, they are not indestructible, so due care and common sense will be required around using it in strong winds and heavy snow, for example. Here you can find more information on using Gala Tent structures in extreme weather.

Gala Tent gazebo canopies are waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 6000, which means that you would need to fill a tube with water to 6000mm before the liquid began to infiltrate the material. Our Pop Up Gazebos are exceptionally water-resistant.

Still unsure whether it's a gazebo you need, if so, what about the Gala Tent marquee? This is also more of a permanent structure for your event. The sectional one-piece steel framework is much more robust than a steel or aluminium Pop Up frame and can be left out for longer periods of time especially if you add the ground bars and tie down kits for soft ground and concrete weights for hard surfaces. We will guarantee wind speeds of up 33mph, however we have had reported 60 to 100mph wind speeds from our loyal client base.

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