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Q. What was your marketing plan and how did you invest?

A. To gain as much exposure for the brand as possible, attending events management companies, we had a small start up budget of £10,000

Q. Why did you choose Gala Tent?

A.Range of products, price and quality. There are a lot of companies in the market but Gala Tent presents well and offers a great range at great prices.

Q. Do you have any logistical issues?

A.None, the printed gazebo I purchased folds nicely in to a carry case for easy transportation.

Q. What works which you have found most effective?

A.We find that our corporate message is clear and clients understand what service we offer instantly.

Q. What percentage increase in business in your first year?

A.We have seen an increase of 100% in 2011

Q. What plans do you have for the near future?

A.Thanks to Gala Tent we are just in the process of signing a huge corporate deal with Sky, which will increase our turnover by 400%

Q. What are your views on how the event industry will hold up in next few years?

A.The event industry doesn’t seem to be effected by any climate change and its looking good!

Q. Has the printed gazebo marketing method helped your business?

A. We probably chose the worst time to start our own business and yet it is working well for us, once we are out of recession we would hope we would be even busier!

Steve Proudman
F One Driver 


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