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Good afternoon! Welcome back to the Gala Tent Featured Customer blog, where the spotlight drops firmly onto you, our clients. We like to chat about what your business does, how you came to be, and how Gala Tent has helped to grow it into the success it is.

In today’s instalment, we chat to Chris and Karen, the crafty proprietors of Kazkreatz & The Media Machine; masters of bags, bling, and tie-dye products.

Kazkreates & The Media Machine

Kazkreates is a crafty business, specialising in upcycling, repurposing, and creating unique new products from pre-loved items such as band t-shirts, as well as hand-knitting cute scarves which will appeal to the Harry Potter fan in your life, and they also do a solid range of tie-dye garments and accessories. How did the business come about? Chris tells us.

“Katkreatz & The Media Machine was born in 2016 from a need to create some form of income after we relocated from Essex to Kent, and left behind our old jobs and lives. As many businesses do, it started out of the back of a hatchback car with a garden gazebo and a few bookings at some local fetes.”

Image of gazebo market stalls

So with a blossoming business coming through, was there anything that they weren’t happy with?

“We quickly realised after the first puff of wind that our garden centre gazebo would not last more than a few events, so it was time to invest some money, which is where Gala Tent came into our lives.”

Sensible idea all round, we think. How was the decision making process for Chris and Karen?

“Looking around the events we were selling at, there were a few names that kept cropping up, and we decided to make to make some to make some enquiries. I planned to phone three companies, Gala Tent being at the top of the listings on Google was my starting point.”

“The moment they answered the phone I knew Gala was for me; a real person answered and immediately made me feel at ease with their knowledge and expertise. They took my details and provided me with a quote that was emailed to me within minutes. I had a couple of further questions and when I called back, I was greeted with “Hello, Mr Amos.” They recognised my phone number and had the quote to hand, which I thought was a nice touch.”

Image of gazebo market stalls

So far, so good. But Chris was looking to get three quotes, remember, so what happened next?

“The next company I phoned was a machine asking me to press three for this and five for that, then I rang the next company and it was a similar story, so I rang Gala Tent back and placed my order. Sometimes trying to save a few pennies is just not worth the hassle.”

“When our 3m x 3m Gala Gazebo arrived, life changed forever. Instead of messing around with sticks and poles, our new tent was up and complete in minutes, ready to keep us and our stock protected. We trade by the coast in winds up to 30mph and so far, nothing has broken after three years of trading.”

Fantastic feedback, we’re sure you’ll agree. Chris and Karen have a 3m x 3m Pro 40 Pop-Up Gazebo, with white canopy, and have recently added some sidewalls to the set-up. Is there anything they’d like to add about the tent itself?

“Gala have really thought out the design of the frame, and we love the fact that you can replace every single part of it, down to the last nut and bolt, if anything were to break. Somehow, I can’t see us ever needing to do that, the product just seems so well made, but knowing that (the spares are available) does give you a nice feeling. The quality of the canopy and side panels is also incredible; so strong and well-made, and the Velcro and stitching are like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

The golden question, then, is would they recommend Gala Tent to family and friends for future needs?

“We would not hesitate in recommending Gala Tent. Their advice and customer support is the best you could ask for. You deal with people that understand their product and make the right recommendations. I can see our business growing and Gala will be right there with us. Cheers, guys.”

We don’t know about you, but it makes us feel fantastic to receive this kind of feedback. Knowing that we made the difference for Chris and Karen as they launched their blossoming business, and they’re one of thousands of good news stories over the past twenty years. We’ll almost certainly be keeping our eyes on the heights that these guys can take their business to, and we thank them very much for the kind words.

To find out more about Kazkreates & The Media Machine and to see some of the uniquely cool products that are lovingly handmade, go and take a look here.



You can also find them in person at a number of local fetes and trade events in the Kent area in the run up to Christmas to get your hands on some of those cool wares, so follow the group to find out where they'll be next!

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