What makes the perfect trading gazebo?

As the weather warms up and we find ourselves heading towards a string of bank holidays, there's a surge of opportunities for outdoor trading. Community fairs, industry exhibitions, and various outdoor events present the perfect platform to showcase your products. However, to make the most of these opportunities, it's crucial to have a suitable trading tent. In this article, we're going to look at the key components of what makes the perfect trading gazebo.

The key ingredients for a perfect trading tent

There are four key ingredients to make your perfect trading tent do everything you want it to. These are:

  • A Pop-Up Gazebo

  • Branding/Printing

  • Sidewalls and Half Wall

  • Weights and Anchors

Let's look at each one individually.

Why a pop up gazebo?

A pop-up gazebo serves as an awesome temporary structure, providing shelter and a dedicated space for vendors at outdoor events. With their easy assembly and dismantling, pop-up gazebos are an ideal solution for traders seeking a portable, efficient, and durable trading tent. You could choose a larger structure, such as a marquee or party tent, which would be perfect for shows where you have a bigger pitch size available, or perhaps you sell rails upon rails of vintage clothing, but for the sheer versatility of brand exposure and ease of putting it up, a pop up gazebo is the smart choice.

We recommend a 3m x 3m gazebo such as the Gala Shade Pro 50, which is built for regular commercial use, or the more lightweight model of the Gala Shade Pro 40, which is built for commercial use, but is easily put up by just one person.

We think the 3m x 3m size of gazebo is the most appropriate one for many trade shows - for one it's usually cheaper and more common to book a 3m pitch width. Look around the next show you attend, we'd be confident that the vast majority are a 3m x 3m.


Gala Shade Pro 40 Trading Gazebo

As we've mentioned, the Pro 40 is a lightweight commercial tent, so it's easily erected by one or two people, and because it's lightweight it can be transported easily too. It is an aluminium-framed tent, with hexagonal legs and an external peak pole spring which offers much-needed suspension against windy conditions and protects your investment.

Price from: £359.99
Frame strength 

Why do I need to have my gazebo printed?

A branded gazebo not only provides shelter but serves as a powerful marketing tool. Here's how a branded gazebo can enhance your brand presence:

Brand Recognition

With your logo and brand colours prominently displayed, a branded gazebo can significantly enhance brand recognition. It can help distinguish your business from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Key Contact Information

A branded gazebo can serve as a billboard, providing key contact information such as your web address, social media handles, or contact number.


A branded gazebo signals professionalism, showing that you are serious about your business and willing to invest in quality marketing tools.

Attracting Passing Trade

A well-designed branded gazebo can attract the attention of passers-by, drawing them towards your stand.

It doesn't have to be an all-singing, all-dancing work of marketing art; a simple logo on the canopy with valance printing is often more than enough to elevate your trading space. Check out some of the tents we've supplied with just that combination.

Why should I have sidewalls with a half wall?

Sidewalls help you to create an enclosed space within your gazebo, which allows you to keep your stock safe and sheltered – the half wall, when used with a strengthening bar will provide the perfect height serving space. A popular choice with street food and other retailers of fresh produce, half walls are the perfect embellishment for your gazebo. A good idea is to have your half wall printed with your company logo to provide eye-level recognition that will stand out to passing trade. Check out some effective half-wall combinations below.

Why should I weigh my gazebo down?

Many spring fairs and shows are held outdoors in open community spaces. If a strong gust comes through the grounds then your gazebo is at risk of moving or blowing away. Ensure you anchor it effectively using storm kits and pegs if you’re on grass, or cast iron weights if you’re on hard ground. We pride ourselves on having the tent that many retailers will covet after a particularly gusty event. Some of the genuine comments we've had from our customers include:

"My gazebo blew away and some of our neighbours' tents stood firm - they all had Gala Tent gazebos."

"I used to have a cheap one but I got sick of taping it back together. I decided to bite the bullet and do it right this time, so I'm buying a Gala Tent gazebo."

"They're not cheap, but they are the best."

With comments like these, it's easy to see why it makes sense to protect your investment by anchoring it effectively.

Ratchet Strap Storm Kits

This product includes two heavy duty ratchet straps and tent pegs. Simply wrap the strap around the corner of your gazebo frame roof, then ratchet it tight to the peg which is fixed firmly in the ground. We recommend a minimum of one strap per leg.

Price from: £14.49
Effectiveness on soft ground 
Cast Iron Gazebo Weights

Effective iron weights that sit on top of the gazebo foot. Each weight provides 13kg of anchorage, and they are sold in pairs. We recommend a minimum of 1 weight per leg, although they are safely stackable, so if you can afford more then go for it.

Price from: £84.99
Effectiveness on hard ground 

Enhancing Your Pop-Up Gazebo with Additional Accessories

To further enhance your stand presence, consider adding these accessories to your branded gazebo:


Custom printed flags can complement your gazebo and serve as additional marketing tools. They add colour, texture, and motion to your stand, making it more eye-catching.

PVC Banners

PVC banners can withstand various weather conditions, making them a durable addition to your outdoor stand. They can be customised with your brand logo and colours to enhance your gazebo.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are easy to set up and take down, making them a convenient marketing tool. They can be used to display additional information about your products or services.

Ultimately, only you know how your perfect trading gazebo will look and feel, but we can offer our best, honest advice for making the most out of your retail space. Our team are trained to reflect our 25 years of expertise in the industry, and we can work with you to find the best possible combination of the correct tent frame, the correct level of printing, and the best accessories to get the best out of your next show. Give us a call on 01709 242454, or start a live chat via the icon in the bottom right. Alternatively, drop us a message via the form below and we'll be back to you quickly.

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