Heavy Duty Gazebos

At Gala Tent, Business to Business retail is a large part of what we do, simply because the strength and quality of the structures are designed for commercial purposes. Especially suited for commercial purposes, due to their easily transportable frames, easily customised roof and sides, and instant deployment, are the Gala Shade Pro range of Heavy Duty Gazebos.

Gala Shade Gazebo Vs Other Gazebos

We recently ran some independent research into the where the Gala Shade Heavy Duty Gazebo sits against our competitors’ equivalent models on a series of key factors, such as the weight, height, warranty, accessories and price, and we were pleased but not surprised to see that the Gala Shade range of heavy duty gazebos sit proudly at the top of the tree on many of those factors.

We ran independent tests across NINE categories against SIX of our biggest competitors. The tests were: Frame Thickness, Height, Weight (with and without sidewalls), Material used in the joints and fixings, Spare Parts Available, Warranty Length, Colours Available, and Leg Thickness against competitor equivalents. No product in the market compares to the quality of the Gala Shade Pro Gazebos. Below is a hammer test video, from several years ago, of a competitor brittle cast aluminium component, in comparison to a Gala Shade robust nylon component.

Three Great Heavy Duty Gazebo Options

Gala Shade Pro 40 Gazebo

In our mid-range Heavy Duty gazebos, the Gala Shade Pro 40, we came out on top for SEVEN of those categories, with two of our competitors narrowly pipping us on Height, and the number of colours available. We don’t think that’s too bad at all, and something we’re very proud to say contributes to our standing as the UK’s Leading Supplier of Heavy Duty Gazebos.

Price from: £395.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo

Our strongest BEST SELLING heavy duty gazebo available is currently the Gala Shade Pro 50, which also achieved top position in the same seven categories, and guess what? Even our Pro MX Entry Level structure came in as an all-round superior heavy duty gazebo to the other equivalents available elsewhere online or in stores.

Price from: £494.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 60

2020 saw a new super heavy duty gazebo added to the Gala Tent range of structures. With framework that is a full 20% larger than any other pop up gazebo from any of our competitors, the Gala Shade Pro 60 includes 60mm hexagonal aluminium legs, thick truss sections connected by double-reinforced joints, and an external peak pole spring for helping with wind resistance. This gazebo, available to buy in 3m x 6m and 4m x 8m sizes, with 4m x 6m, is best suited for high traffic, busy purposes, such as motorsport, markets and outdoor trade areas, scouting and girl guides activity tents, festivals and outdoor events, professional valeting and detailing tents, or for anybody that simply needs the best gazebo that money can buy.

Price from: £1182.99
Frame Strength 

Make an impression with a printed heavy duty gazebo

Printing is another option to consider when buying a commercial quality gazebo. You only have one chance to make a first impression and branding your canopy can provide a personalised mobile business card. Our super talented in-house design team will walk you through the whole design service. So, why not personalise your structure with a powerful eye catching advertising message to front your business?

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