Marquee Weddings

Gala Tent Marquees have enjoyed thousands of weddings over the past twenty five years, either supplied by a marquee hire company, or bought directly from Gala Tent by the happy couple or their families. Our tents feature regularly on television shows based around the planning of weddings to a modest budget, and some of us on the team are also married, so we like to think we have a bit of experience when it comes to marquees and weddings.

We're here to help you make the right decision when it comes to planning and executing a marquee wedding. If you can’t find something you’re looking for or you’d like some early advice on our wedding tents then please do not hesitate to give us a call, start a live chat or send us an email. We would be extremely proud to contribute to the success of your very special day.

The Gala Tent Guide to Marquee Weddings

Gala Tent Marquee decorated with tables, chairs and accessories for a wedding

What is a Marquee Wedding?

Are you dreaming of a wedding that's as unique as your love story? Consider the enchanting world of Marquee Weddings. These outdoor celebrations offer endless possibilities for crafting your perfect day.

In the literal sense, it is a wedding breakfast or reception that is held in a uniquely decorated large tent. But in the broader sense, a marquee wedding is a low cost, high potential way of creating a wedding venue, in an unusual or highly personal location that might not otherwise be a viable option. It is also a fantastic way of bringing out the personalities of the happy couple in unique and wonderful ways, due to the blank canvas nature of the environment.

For these reasons, marquee weddings are growing in popularity as the world becomes more price-sensitive. Gala Tent surveyed over 600 people last year, and it was no surprise to see that marquee weddings came in at second place for the question of most popular wedding reception venue, with elegant weddings in a stately home or castle surrounding, as the most popular.

18% of those who responded to our survey would choose a marquee wedding reception, and one in five women said they would hold their wedding breakfast in a marquee.

Frequent reasons for their popularity were that:

• A marquee wedding offers flexibility in that celebrations can start and end whenever you want, not whenever the bar closes.

• A wedding marquee can be decorated however you want it to be, leaving no compromise with quirky tastes.

• A marquee can be erected anywhere, providing an instant wedding reception venue in the most unusual of places, or even just the back garden.

• A marquee costs a lot less than a castle

Why have a Marquee Wedding?

Marquee Weddings have grown massively in popularity over the past decade, with television shows such as Don’t Tell the Bride, and countless other variations bringing the potential for creating something unique to the fore when it comes to planning a wedding.

We thoroughly believe that you should create the best wedding that you can afford, whether it’s a small affair with a couple of witnesses at the registry office, or whether you rent out an entire castle and book some peacocks and a juggler, you should create the best day that you can afford.

This is where a Wedding Marquee comes into its own in a big way. The difference between the cost to purchase a marquee versus that of booking a stately home or a function room of an elegant hotel, is massive. A Gala Tent Wedding marquee, when you buy one for yourself instead of enlisting the help of a marquee hire company near you, can cost as little as £1000, against the five figures you can spend on the peacocks etc. Imagine getting the dress, suits and rings included in the price you were going to pay?

Another huge benefit to planning a marquee wedding breakfast is that you have literally a huge, blank canvas with which to play. Clean, white framework to hang lights or bunting from. Sidewalls to drape in luxury satin linings. Modular designs and extra end panels can allow you to create zones and rooms, or a back-of-house area for the caterers to work from. You can build the reception of your dreams, and guess what? You can place it pretty much anywhere that there’s room (and permission!). Marquee Weddings are often in fantastic locations that are very personal to the happy couple, from family farms to the back garden.

We’ve worked with many happy couples over the years, and it’s pretty much the general consensus with all of them, that for a relatively low cost, utterly personal wedding reception, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that fits the bill like a marquee wedding.

If you’re still not sure, then why not give our team of experts a call on 01709 242454, start a live chat session, or drop us a message through the form below and one of the team will be in touch with you soon It’s not a marriage event, without Gala Tent.

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