The Best Marquees for Weddings

The best marquee for a wedding is the one that will last the longest, provide the best shade or shelter from any of the elements, and uphold the elegant image of grandeur that your wedding should give. But which one is that? We can think of at least two marquees that will give you all of that and more. This is our short guide to why these tents make the very best for weddings.

Gala Tent Elite PVC Wedding Marquee

The Elite PVC Marquee from Gala Tent is a simple-to-erect, but heavy-duty marquee which will offer coverage for anything from six guests to three hundred guests. The powder-coated steel framework is robust and more long-lasting than the galvanised steel framework of cheaper marquees, with industry leading components such as up-to 44mm diameter joints, which are a full 6mm thicker than others available on the market. The 650gsm PVC of the roof and sidewalls is another industry-leading component available in a Gala Tent marquee. The glossy, waterproof covers are so easy to maintain, with a wipe-clean external wall, effortlessly providing day-long luxury and elegance to you and your guests.

Price from: £478.99
Simplest to Erect 
Gala Tent Fusion Wedding Marquee

For those of you with lots of friends, the Fusion Marquee offers extra robust coverage that is built to really go the distance, and is the final word on heavy duty affordable marquees. This is the kind of tent you might see used at a Beer Festival, or for hosting awards ceremonies, but without the price tag. The Fusion Wedding Marquee is a modular structure which uses T6061 Aluminium Extrusions in the framework, and the highest quality 650gsm PVC in the covers. As it is a modular marquee, it can be extended to potentially unlimited lengths (in increments of 3m), allowing you to go as large or as small as you want, without sacrificing a shred of quality.

Price from: £3014.99
Complete Strength 

Popular Marquee Wedding Accessories

It doesn’t end at the wedding marquee, though. Gala Tent supplies a wide range of fantastic extras to turn your tent into the function room of your wildest dreams.

• LED Globe lights provide a soft and welcoming light to your occasion when the sun goes down.

• Luxury satin lining (available for all marquee sizes) that flows and billows in all the right places.

• Infra-red marquee heaters to keep the temperature just right.

• Classy black and white Swisstrax Flooring laid out in a chequer design for the dancefloor.

• Luxury inflatable Chesterfield-style sofas and chairs for that all-important chill-out area when you’re all danced out.

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