Waterproof Gazebos

Let's face it, the Great British weather isn't always great. As a trader, you can leave the house with your stock in blazing sunshine and by lunchtime it’s teeming down with rain and your stock is soaking wet. As a member of the public who loves to spend time in the garden just relaxing, it can often be the case that you watch the rain fall onto the grass and you’re stuck cooped up inside. Of course, a waterproof gazebo is the way forward to allow you to either trade or relax outside when it’s raining, but not all of them are suited to the purpose, however much they might claim to be. Gala Tent gazebo covers, however, are waterproof to an incredible hydrostatic head of 6000.

What is a Hydrostatic Head Rating?

The Hydrostatic Head way of measuring the waterproof level of any material, takes a cylinder of water which is placed, upside down on the material. In our case this is a 600 denier PVC-coated polyester, available in any of our twelve colours. The Hydrostatic Head level is hit when liquid begins to infiltrate the material. So, with Gala Tent waterproof gazebo covers, there would be 6000mm of water in that cylinder before it began to seep through the material.

The legal requirement for a tent manufacturer to be able to call their product waterproof is 1000mm. This makes Gala Tent gazebo covers SIX TIMES as waterproof as the legal requirement.

Which Gala Tent Gazebos are Waterproof?

Would you believe us if we told you that every single gazebo available to buy from Gala Tent is fully waterproof? You should! This is because we use the same universal waterproof covers on each model of gazebo, whether you go for the entry-level Gala Shade Pro DX garden gazebo or you need something as robust and built-for-anything as the Gala Shade Pro 60. It doesn't matter which gazebo you need, they will all use the same covers because we think our customers deserve the best, whatever they use our gazebos for.

Would you like proof? Of course you would. The video below was taken by one of our team at a washed out summer party. Remember, the Gala Shade Pro DX is our entry level gazebo.

Our Range of Waterproof Gazebos

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