Why invest in Yurts for your Holiday Park?

Gone are the days of camping in the woods with a paper-thin sleeping bag, now many holidaymakers are flocking in search of the latest trend; yurts.

A yurt is a circular shelter created with a lattice of flexible poles, covered in felt or other fabrics. This cost-effective accommodation is proving popular not only in the UK, but across the pond too.

Staying in a yurt is a form of glamping. The word glamping translates to glamorous camping, a more luxurious experience than pitching a tent in the freezing cold, wet and windy lake district or Yorkshire dales.

More and more holiday parks are investing in yurts, joining the trend and attracting keen holiday-goers from across the country and even those abroad. This article will explain what you need to know about yurts, including why you should consider investing in one for your holiday park.

Holiday Park glamping with yurts


As previously mentioned, yurts are currently in high-demand, especially with the recent trend of glamping.

However, yurts are a relatively low-cost accommodation option, with the structure itself erected in a few hours with a small team. Once the yurt is set up, there is no pitching, re-positioning, or dismantling the yurt like you would with a tent.

The yurt remains in a static location, requiring little to no further maintenance other than regular cleaning following each guest stay.

Glamping at UK holiday parks


Many keen tourists love the idea of camping, but aren’t so fond of actually pitching up and embracing the British weather. After all, who can blame them?

Glamping, and the use of yurts, allows guests the opportunity to escape the often treacherous British weather for a warm and luxurious accommodation option, yet still encapsulating the camping experience.

You can’t ask for much more, attracting the attention of keen campers, those wanting to try something new, and those looking for a quick escape from everyday life, cutting back to the very basics of nature… except for a few luxurious items, of course.


Finally, yurts are a beautiful addition to any holiday park, almost sacred in their circular design. The sun opens through the canvas and through the doom in the roof, allowing guests to nestle idealistically into their environment.


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