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Set of 2 Ratchet Tie Down Storm Straps + Pegs

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Features and Specifications
* 3m x 30mm Nylon heavy duty web strap
* Includes two heavy duty ratchets
* Includes two heavy ground stake pegs
* Stake peg length 390mm * Stake peg diameter 12mm
* Four heavy duty tie hooks

Recommended quantity per Gala Tent showing minimum required first
3m x 2m (approx. 10ft x 7ft) = 2 Kits
3m x 3m (approx. 10ft x 10ft) = 2 Kits
3m x 4m (approx. 10ft x 14ft) = 3 Kits
3m x 6m (approx. 10ft x 20ft) = 4 Kits
3m x 8m (approx. 10ft x 26ft) = 5 Kits
3m x 10m (approx. 10ft x 33ft) = 6 Kits
3m x 12m (approx. 10ft x 40ft) = 7 Kits

4m x 4m (approx. 14ft x 14ft) = 3 Kits
4m x 6m (approx. 14ft x 20ft) = 4 Kits
4m x 8m (approx. 14ft x 26ft) = 5 Kits
4m x 10m (approx. 14ft x 32ft) = 6 Kits
4m x 12m (approx. 14ft x 40ft) = 7 Kits

5m x 5m (approx. 10ft x 20ft) = 4 Kits
6m x 4m (approx. 20ft x 14ft) = 3 Kits
6m x 6m (approx. 20ft x 20ft) = 4 Kits
6m x 8m (approx. 20ft x 26ft) = 5 Kits
6m x 10m (approx. 20ft x 32ft) = 6 Kits
6m x 12m (approx. 20ft x 40ft) = 7 Kits

Recommended quantity per Gala Shade pop up gazebo showing minimum required first
3m x 3m (approx. 10ft x 20ft) = 2 Kits
3m x 4.5m (approx. 10ft x 20ft) = 2 Kits
3m x 6m (approx. 10ft x 20ft) = 3 Kits
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Tie down kits are an essential accessory for tents, marquees and gazebos, they will keep your structure pinned down in windy conditions. You can use tie down kits inside and outside your structure, tie them from the eaves bars or even throw them over the roof to ensure your marquee or pop up gazebo is adequately anchored.

The Ratchet Tie Down Kits are an ultimate favourite for our commercial clientele, such as hirers and market traders who do not put a structure up without the help of these handy kits.
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I made a commercial decision many years ago not to compete on price but compete on quality and value for money. I was well aware of low-price items claiming to be the high specification of Gala Tent. However after many case studies it was clear they are evidently not. What I did was invest in research and development, design and technology and produced the finest range of marquees and gazebos on the market. And I'm sure again you will agree that you can in fact make anything cheaper and we have all bought a product on Price and been very disappointed which comes at a COST. And guess what, Gala Tent is still the market leader and recently posted double digit growth in our first quarter of this year alone.

Gala Tent products are designed and built in Britain. A large number of our competitors despatch from either Germany, Denmark, France or even China and pose as UK companies by using a .co.uk address. Return postage can cost £100's leaving you with more COSTS, and replacement parts will not be available.

Don't get caught out, buy right, first time !!!

Jason Mace, Managing Director

P.S "It's not an event without Gala Tent"

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Ratchet Tie Down Kits are the essential accessory for marquees, gazebo and tents. The Kits ensure that when you put up your structure, it's going to be given extra support to strengthen your anchoring and keep your marquee or gazebo safe from detrimental weather. The straps come in a black and orange pattern for high visibility, and are specifically designed for anchoring down marquees and similar structures.

The item comes with the ratchet straps (2 straps per kit) which can be run internally and or externally from the eaves poles to the Heavy-duty Ground Peg (2 pegs per kit). Most of our customers tend to use the ratchet straps next to the legs as they are easily kept out of the way and eliminate the need for external guide ropes. The Tie Down Kits are suitable for soft ground conditions and also come with a soft-grip release mechanism.

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Take Precautions & Safety Measures:

* Please be careful when securing and using the heavy duty ground pegs, as they are sharp at the ends with a point to enable easy application into soft ground surfaces.
* We recommend to attach your strap to your structure first and then apply your ground peg through the strap and into the ground, using a steel hammer to ensure ease of application.

* After you have inserted the ground peg into the flooring, use the ratchet to tighten the strap to ensure ultimate anchorage.
* Make sure your structure is secure using the recommended tie down kits; tie down kits can be used on all marquees and gazebos..

Optional ways to secure your marquee or gazebo further
* Use guide ropes - Guide ropes attach on all four corners of your structure and will help balance and stability.
* Purchase ground bars. Ground bars add weight and stability, as well as keeping your structure totally square, sand bags can be laid over these to add extra weight.
* Purchase Cast Iron Weighted Feet. These can be stacked so you can maybe add two or three on top of each other if required.
* Purchase Resin weighted feet or weight bags, these are very easy to attach, simply fill with sand or water (please check what they should be filled with) and attach around the leg pole.

* Purchase heavy-duty ground pegs. These are very useful for pegging down ground bars on soft ground as well as being useful for attaching guide ropes to.

* Taking precautions against the weather is very important; check the weather.
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Video of Set of 2 Ratchet Tie Down Storm Straps + Pegs

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