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Marquee manufacturers surprise customer by turning suggestion into reality

Mr & Mrs Butler enjoying their new windowed end panel as a summer house.

It's not often that companies listen to their customers when it comes to product design. But for couple Jon and Sandie Butler, Warwickshire, their product suggestion became a reality when they emailed marquee manufacturers Gala Tent Ltd.

The Butlers has previously purchased a marquee for their garden but wanted to change the end panel to have a window instead of the three door option.

The couple designed their own version of what they would like the marquee to look like. Mr Butler took a picture of his creation using a windowed side panel and sent it in to the Gala Tent Customer Service team. The company were so impressed with the design and soon enough the end walls were available to buy from Gala Tent.

To their delight, couple Jon and Sandie Butler received a gift through the post after sending in the idea to the manufacturers 10 months ago.  The new end panels have been a huge success so far as they are great for converting existing marquees into summer houses to enjoy the outdoors.

Mr Butler emailed Gala Tent after receiving the free end panel saying:

“Thanks very much for the generous gift of the new design end panel with window.  I am so glad that you thought my suggestion was worth following up.  I am, as always, extremely impressed by your levels of customer service.”

Gala Tent were delighted to listen to the suggestion from the couple and are more than happy that they are pleased with their new end panel.