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Gala Tent offers helping hand to those effected by the Haiti eathquake

Gala Tent provides shelter after earthquake disaster in Haiti

Since the devastating earthquake of 12th January 2010, there has been many programmes in place to try to save lives and bring sustainability to the people of Haiti quickly and effectively. The disaster was published in the media showing some of the most vulnerable populations in order to make people aware of the disasters and emergencies which happen on a regular basis in less fortunate countries.

When the life-severe earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, families and homes were left torn apart. Volunteers voiced the needs of the people of Haiti for relief, hoping for some kind donations. As soon as Jason Mace, MD of Gala Tent Ltd, heard about the devastating earthquake, he wanted to do all he could to help them the families recover from the earthquake and build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their countries.

Jason decided to supply Haiti with Gala Tent marquees to provide shelter for the people to be used as homes as well as schools. Gala Tent delivered the stock to the nearest airport on next day delivery where it was flew out to Haiti the following day. The people of Haiti were relieved that they felt secure under the shelter of a marquee until they could rebuild their lives again.

Donations like this make the living conditions better as well as enabling the volunteers to provide medical care, schooling for children and community programs. The main objective is to make sure that all the people have shelter which is why Jason donated the marquees. Volunteers have focused on helping families find one another and stay together in a tent to save them from any more pain and suffering. This support couldn't have happened without the help of Gala Tent Ltd.


Jason Mace said: “We were delighted that we could help so many families after such a tragic event.”


Click here to donate to Haiti Relief today http://haitirelieffund.org/haiti-relief/