3m x 6m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Red Sidewalls

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3m x 6m Gazebo Sidewalls Set - Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Attention to Elegance: Dive into a palette of twelve vibrant hues, from classic whites and blacks to vibrant oranges and purples. Designed to complement the esteemed Gala Shade Pro Pop-up Gazebos, our 3m x 6m gazebo sidewalls are a testament to sophisticated taste.

Durability Meets Design: Crafted with 600d PVC-coated Polyester, these sidewalls are not only highly waterproof but are also designed to withstand the elements. With industry-standard velcro strips and discreet zips, transform your gazebo into an elegant and fully enclosed haven.

Customisable Coverage: This exclusive set offers two plain 3m gazebo sides, a spacious 6m wall adorned with two windows - each equipped with their own privacy blind - and a 6m zipped double door panel. Want a different mix? Opt for individually coloured full or half walls, available for dispatch within a day.

Structural Perfection: For a seamless, taut finish, incorporate Gala Shade Gazebo Ground Bars. Designed to slide through built-in sleeves, they anchor each leg, enhancing the gazebo's stability.

Colour Your World: Choose your sidewalls from an array of colours, whether it's a minimalist White or Grey, a vibrant Red or Pink, or even a distinct Camo-style Leaftree design.

Reimagine your outdoor spaces with sidewalls that harmoniously blend style with substance. Place your order now and step into an alfresco experience like no other.

3m x 6m Gazebo Sidewalls Set - Product Specifications


Material: Constructed with 600d Polyester PVC lined panels, ensuring durability and waterproofing.

Storage: Comes with a side panel storage bag for convenience and easy transport.
Attachment & Fittings:

  • Incorporates heavy-duty eyelets both inside and out for added strength.
  • Utilises robust Velcro to secure to the canopy and heavy-duty zips on corners, inclusive of Velcro, ensuring maximum protection and a snug fit.
  • Features x2 zip door entries complemented with clip tie backs for flexible access and closure.

Design & Functionality:

  • Clear windows, each equipped with a blind cover and clip tie back, offer both privacy and visibility.
  • PVC 6' waterproof side skirt is integrated for effective water drainage, keeping the interior dry and comfortable.

Optional Equipment:

  • Ground Bar Set: For enhanced stability.
  • Tie Down Kit: Ensuring your gazebo stays in place.
  • Printing Service: Personalise your gazebo sidewalls with custom designs or logos.
  • Sidewall Pegs: To firmly anchor the sidewalls.

Packaging Details:

  • Dimensions: 63x35x22cm
  • Weight: 20.5kg

Crafted with precision and designed for both aesthetics and functionality, this Gazebo Sidewall set is an essential addition for all outdoor enthusiasts and event planners.

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