4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Grey Sidewalls

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The 4m x 4m is a brand new size added to our range of Pro 50 Gazebos due to heavy demand from our Clientele in particular our Market Traders. Our Universally Recognized Product Design Team constantly take on board the ideas and feedback we receive from the public, and here at Gala Tent, the aim is customer satisfaction, This product is testament to that goal.
Gala’s uniquely designed sidewalls include a clear windows at the rear for maximum light exposure into your event, blank sidewall from right to left for printed advertising space.
The clear window panel also features a shutter cover, which can be conveniently rolled up or down depending on the privacy of your event. All side panels attach together at the corner with heavy-duty zips, heavy duty Velcro is used all way around the valance to attach to the canopy. The front entry roll up door panel also comes complete with very heavy-duty zips.
Exclusive PVC skirt set on every sidewall ensures water drainage away from your event as well as being very easy to clean.
Product Specification: 4m x 6m Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo Sidewalls

  • Material: 600d Polyester with PVC lining - providing durability and high-grade water resistance.
  • Storage Solution: Accompanied by a side panel storage bag for convenient packing and transport.
  • Reinforcement: Incorporates heavy-duty eyelets both inside and out for enhanced stability.
  • Privacy Assured: Features a clear window complete with a blind cover.
  • Attachment Ease: Equipped with heavy-duty Velcro for secure canopy attachment.
  • Seamless Enclosure: Heavy-duty zips on corners ensure a snug fit, enhancing the structure's integrity.
  • Easy Access: Offers zip door entry complemented by tie back clips for when you want to keep it open.
  • Water Drainage: Comes with a 6' PVC side skirt, ensuring effective water drainage and a dry interior.
Optional Equipment:
  • Secure It: Tie down kit available for additional stability during windy conditions.
  • Customisation: Printing Service lets you personalise or brand your sidewalls.
  • Stay Grounded: Sidewall Pegs and additional Pegs ensure a grounded setup.
Packaging Details:
  • Dimensions: 63x35x26cm
  • Weight: 24kg
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sidewalls are designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo.

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