50KG Heavy Duty Gazebo Water Weight Anchor Bag w/Ratchet

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Secure Your Event with the 50kg Water Weight Bags

Are you constantly on the move and need a reliable way to anchor your event tents without the extra baggage? Discover our 50kg Water Weight Bags - the epitome of practicality and strength.

Originally crafted for our motorsport brand, Gala Performance, these weight bags were the solution for motor racing teams needing efficient anchoring without the burden of heavy equipment. Now, they're available to elevate the stability of any event, ensuring peace of mind even in unpredictable weather conditions.

Designed with premium PVC, each bag can be filled onsite upon arrival, providing a substantial 50kg of weight. This not only anchors your gazebo, marquee, or awning but also reduces the hassle of transporting heavy equipment. And, with the inclusion of a ratchet strap, secure attachment to the framework becomes effortless.

Don't let unexpected gusts of wind catch you off-guard. Equip your Gala Tent Marquees and Pop-Up Gazebos with the ultimate weight solution. Once your event concludes, simply empty the bags and appreciate the ease of travelling light once more.

Secure yours today and elevate your event preparation to a professional level.

50kg Water Weight Bag Specifications

  • Material: Premium 850g Blockout PVC for utmost durability.
  • Colour & Design: Sleek white finish adorned with both the Gala Tent and Gala Performance logos for an elegant appearance.
  • Functionality: Features both inlet and outlet holes, ensuring waterproof utility and ease of filling/emptying.
  • Valves: Reliable screw-in valves for secure water containment.
  • Rope Detail: The bag is circumscribed with a robust 6mm camping rope, crafted to be waterproof and UV-resistant. The white rope, designed with an eyelet, ensures easy fixing.
  • Secure Attachment: Each bag comes with a Ratchet Tie Down Storm Strap (Single) for sturdy anchoring.

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