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Get the most from your Gala Tent for your business.

It’s estimated that we Brits spend around £1Bn per year on coffee. With an average of 2 cups a day, we consume around 70 million cups of joe each and every day. With the traditional coffee shops such as ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Costa’ taking up the majority of the market, 44% of us still choose to buy from non-specialist companies such as smaller establishments and trade stands. With a huge increase in popularity of baristas taking to the high streets and outdoor events, it’s no surprise that pop-up trade stands are also on the rise.

Gala Tent branded gazebos can be customised to perfectly reflect your coffee business and the high quality beans you're supplying to those discerning coffee drinkers, and our premium quality wind resistant cafe barriers are the ideal solution for creating your own outdoor coffee drinking environment. Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.