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Fishing Shelters

Get the most from your Gala Tent for your business.

It might be hard to believe, but there used to be a time when anglers didn’t bother with shelters on the river bank. Instead, anglers would rough it in the open air all year round, no matter the conditions, with only a stool and a waterproof jacket to their name. Luckily for us, times have moved on somewhat. Now the angler who roughs it all night is the exception, rather than the rule, and the rest of us can enjoy the relative comfort and luxury fishing by Gala Tent.

The weather can make or break your fishing trip. There’s nothing worse than getting soaked on a riverbank and the fish not seeming interested in your bait, a fishing shelter is the ideal accessory in any climate rain or shine so make sure that you’ve got one of our fishing shelters to keep you dry or shaded. These water resistant easy-to-erect pop up shelters can keep you warm and dry wherever you choose to fish, and they can be erected and packed away in just a few minutes. The LeafTree camouflage design looks great in open outdoors and you will blend in with the Environment along with looks very professional and the envy of all anglers on the day, making a great taking point to make new connections. Our fishing Shelter range come in 3 different sizes 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m, 3m x 6m structures which is a family sized shelter where you can relax and prepare some food while you wait for the fish to bite. Don’t let the weather affect your fishing trip anymore by investing in one of our high quality, durable and waterproof fishing shelters.