Fundraising and Charity

At Gala Tent, we know the importance of fundraising for charity. Bringing people together to create change, whether it be for your local community, a kid down the road, or perhaps families in a third world country. What you do is amazing, there is no doubt about it.

Fundraisers often just get out there working for the cause, regardless of the weather. This can be tiresome. Sometimes you're a little wet, sometimes just downright hot, with the need for shelter or shade.

Whether you search for generous sponsors in a busy town centre, shake a bucket or run a raffle at a local community fair, or you attend large scale exhibitions in a huge hall, you need something that tells people who you are and what your good cause is. A branded shelter can breed trust and recognition in the people around you. This page is dedicated to the most popular Gala Tent products that charities have found a great use for.

Benefits of Gala Tent for Fundraising and Charity

All Weather Protection

Printing and Customisation

Cost Effective

Popular Gala Tent products for Charity and Fundraising

3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro 40

The Gala Shade Pro 40 is a lightweight gazebo, but it features many of the components that make the heavier weight gazebos so strong. The external peak pole spring helps to protect the framework in windy conditions, the super water-resistant 600 denier PVC-coated polyester covers, and the profile aluminium central joints. This gazebo can be erected by just one person, and has a 3-year framework warranty, highlighting our confidence in its ability to do a job.

Price from: £359.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Tent 4m x 6m Original PE Marquee

Something a little bigger and more time consuming to erect than a pop-up gazebo would be the Gala Tent marquee. The 4m x 6m size is perfect for covering several tables, or rails to hang and sell second-hand clothing from. With a marquee, you can bring the best of the products in your bricks-and-mortar charity shop and take them on the road to increase your chances of generating some big funds. For cost per square metre, a Gala Tent original PE Marquee is the clear winner.

Price from: £289.99
Cost per Square Metre 
3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro Compact Gazebo

Sometimes as a charity, all you need is a gazebo. A simple, effective shelter to cover you and your information or fundraising space. However, it can be difficult to find a good quality gazebo that will offer great strength whilst fitting into a small vehicle. The Gala Shade Pro Compact is the gazebo for that situation. Using the same robust aluminium of our top-end gazebos, but with amazing technological advancements to enable it to pack down to a super-small 105cm in length. This makes it small enough to fit in most car boots, or back seats, meaning you can get out raising charity funds in next to no time, no matter which vehicle you're in.

Price from: £409.99

Additional Products for Fundraising and Charity

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