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Gala Tent marquees and gazebos are as suited for regular commercial purposes, such as outdoor retail and motorsport, as they are when used as a convenient and attractive extension of your home, erected in the garden.

No matter the size of your garden space or the event you're hosting, there's a structure suited for you.

Whether you wish to erect a small, elegant marquee to cover guests at a home party, or you want a quickly deployed lightweight pop-up gazebo in bright colours to shelter you in the Summer months, Gala Tent sells a marquee or gazebo for any purpose and to suit all budgets. This is our guide to make your decision that little bit easier, based on the most popular Gala Tent products purchased for home and garden uses.

A green garden gazebo covers a seating area
A marquee in a garden, on some decking. the tent has been decorated.
A hot tub beneath a white pop-up shelter

Benefits of Gala Tent Products for Home and Garden

All Weather Protection

Cost Effective Shelter

Fast Coverage

Popular Gala Tent products for Home and Garden

3m x 3m Gala Shade Pro DX

The first Gala Shade gazebo that was developed just for the home and garden sector, the Gala Shade Pro DX is a lightweight, very-easy-to-erect garden gazebo. By using some of the components that make our strongest gazebos what they are, such as hammer-tested nylon joints, highly water-resistant covers and robust steel framework, we have created the UK's strongest cheap gazebo.

Price from: £180.
Speed of Deployment 
3m x 6m Original PE Gala Tent Marquee

The perfect small garden marquee; the elegant-yet-cost-effective Original PE marquee in 3m x 6m size is the marquee that made Gala Tent famous back in 1999. The size makes it an ideal shelter for many back and front gardens, or indeed decking. It is large enough to cover several people, or, like some of our more creative home and garden customers, a furniture suite, a fully-stocked bar, a fruit machine and a hot tub. A Gala Tent marquee in your garden is what you make of it.

Price from: £318.99
4m x 8m Elite PVC Gala Tent Marquee

For those with a little more space in their garden and a large party to host, the Gala Tent 4m x 8m Marquee is perfect. The robust 650gsm PVC of the covers in wipe-clean, so you can disassemble your marquee in the same perfect condition as when you erected it. It can comfortably cover around 32 people, and the thick PVC of the covers has a 3-year warranty. That's the kind of confidence we have in this marquee.

Price from: £478.99
Cover Strength 

Additional Gala Tent products for Home and Garden

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