Vehicle Repair and Restoration

As a mobile valeter, detailer, dent removal professional windscreen repairer, or indeed any other professional that works on vehicle repair and restoration, there is nothing worse than regular downpours of the British weather, especially in the summertime. Not only are you getting wet, but your work or detailing can be smudged, your tools could become rusty, and it can be tough working in such conditions.

At Gala Tent Ltd, we have supplied hundreds of outdoor gazebos to vehicle restoration professionals, to provide them with a large sheltered space to continue their work, regardless of the weather. Our gazebos can be erected in pop-up fashion by as few as just 1 person, depending on the model and size. This page is our guide to the most popular Gala Tent products that we have supplied to the vehicle repair and restoration industry.

Benefits of Gala Tent Products for Vehicle Repair and Restoration

All Weather Protection

Easy Mobility

Rapid Deployment

Popular Gala Tent products for Vehicle Repair and Restoration

3m x 4.5m Gala Shade Pro 40

The Gala Shade Pro 40 is a lightweight and easy-to-assemble pop up gazebo that's perfect for mobile valeters and detailers working alone. With a 3m x 4.5m size, it provides enough coverage for most cars while remaining manageable for one person to set up with ease. With 4 legs, this gazebo provides plenty of space around the vehicle, without the potential hindrance of a middle leg getting in the way of your work, particularly on wider cars. The framework, which has a 3-year warranty, is manufactured using aluminium, with 40mm hexagonal legs. The central joints are made with profile aluminium, and the outer joints are hammer-tested nylon, which makes this a lightweight but superior quality pop-up gazebo.

Price from: £359.99
Sole Trader Suitability 
3m x 4.5m Gala Shade Pro 50 Gazebo

For those in need of a seriously heavy-duty option, the Gala Shade Pro 50 is a commercial-quality gazebo designed to withstand daily use, having been built with the likes of regular market trading and motorsport in mind. As with the Pro 40, its 3m x 4.5m size offers ample coverage for most cars, and the 4-legged construction means it can cover most vehicles without causing you any hindrance when trying to get to clean or open doors. It is manufactured using aluminium and has 50mm hexagonal legs. The Pro 50, which has a 5-year warranty on the frame, has full profile aluminium joints and fixings, which are much stronger than the more brittle cast alloy that you might find on some models by alternative retailers. It has an external peak pole spring which helps the roof section to remain flexible instead of standing firm against winds, which could weaken the framework otherwise.

Price from: £449.99
Frame Strength 
3m x 6m Gala Shade Pro 40 Gazebo

The 3m x 6m Pro 40 is a larger, lightweight gazebo that can cover pretty much all vehicles under 2m in height. While it can be set up by one person, we’d recommend having two people to ensure proper safety during assembly. This gazebo provides an excellent balance between size and portability. With two middle legs along the framework, the 3m x 6m gazebo has two great benefits. One is that you could set it sideways and have two vehicles beneath it at once, if there’s a team of you and you want to valet two at the same time. Alternatively, the 6m length will cover pretty much any vehicle easily, and offer additional space for your tools and other gear.

Price from: £449.99
Frame Strength 

Other popular products for Vehicle Repair and Restoration

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