Social Distancing Floor Stickers - Please Wait Here (Pack of 4)

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Keep Safety First: Social Distance with Style

Attention Retailers & Business Owners! In today's ever-evolving landscape, safety is paramount. Yet, maintaining social distance doesn't have to be dull. Introducing our chic and functional Social Distance Floor Markers.

Why You'll Love Them:

Vibrant Reminder: Ensure your patrons are constantly reminded to act responsibly and maintain the needed distance, safeguarding everyone's health.

Premium Durability: Crafted for longevity, these floor stickers resist wear and tear, perfectly suited to high-footfall areas.

Seamless Application: Simply press onto any smooth, clean surface and watch them adhere flawlessly. Plus, with a size of 25cm, they're noticeable without being obtrusive.

Customisation is Key: Fancy a variety? Mix and match with our diverse range of safety floor sticker designs. Just reach out to us!

Safety meets style with our Social Distance Floor Markers. Elevate your establishment's safety protocols today and ensure everyone shops with peace of mind.

Social Distancing Floor Sticker Specification

Adherence to Guidelines: Compliant with the Government's guidelines for social distancing, these floor stickers are designed to assist in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. While some regulations have relaxed, several businesses continue to find them essential, and they remain a proactive measure should restrictions return.

  • Finish: Features a protective laminated finish, ensuring durability and resistance against common floor pollutants.
  • Durability: Crafted to be hard-wearing, these stickers are well-suited to areas with high foot traffic and wear.
  • Dimensions: Each sticker is 25mm in size, offering clear visibility without overwhelming the floor space.

Invest in these floor stickers to ensure the safety of both staff and customers, promoting a responsible and health-conscious environment.

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