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Temporary Storage Marquees

Gala Tent have an extensive catalogue of off-the-shelf and custom temporary storage marquees, which can provide temporary and long-term storage solutions for major national, regional and local companies.

Temporary Storage Marquees offer instant and reliable storage solutions for warehousing, flood or fire damaged areas, and retail spaces during refurbishment. You can also use your Temporary Storage Marquees for promotions, as a cover for boats, plants or vehicles, a shelter tent, a forensic investigation shelter, a construction cover, a temporary function room, exhibition hall, or as a market stall.

Our structures are used for a wide variety of activities, from covering jacuzzis to extending storage for stock surplus for large superstores. The marquees are available in widths of 3m all the way to 40m, with any length possible. The temporary storage marquees can be connected to an existing building or stand alone, allowing flexibility for any terrain or area. Specifications can range from economical PE material walls to heavy duty, commercial structures with hard walls.

"Only a few weeks ago we, the Dearne Valley Motorcycle Club, bought a marquee from you. So I am writing to you with a big THANK YOU from all concerned. The marquee was used for temporary storage in which six motorcycles were stored."

Dearne Valley Motorcycle Club

"The club has recently acquired Marquees from you. I thought I would write to say how pleased we are with them and consider them good value for money. Hopefully we will find reason to deal with you again in the future."

   Mr Mike O Reilly - Staines Rugby Football Club


The key benefits of a Temporary Storage Marquee