Which type and size of storage tent do i need?

It depends on how much stuff you have to store, and the nature of what you’re storing. For storing a handful of boxes ahead of a house move, then a steel-framed PVC storage marquee is absolutely adequate. For valuable stock within your secure compound then a Fusion storage tent would be more apt.

We have created a quick-glance guide for you to understand the storage space within each of the storage units sold by Gala Tent. Simply select the length and width of the storage tents available from Gala Tent, and we’ll give you an easy volume capacity in cubic metres, up to the eave of the tent.

Of course, you might wish to get to your stock at some point, so we’ve also added cubic volume with a 1m gangway left open along the centre of the tent. This guide does not include roof space, which can certainly be a major benefit especially in the wider storage marquees.

So you know how big you need it, but which frame type is best suited for you? We have two distinct poles-and-beams frame types available, in the powder-coated steel frame of the entry level tents, and the semi-permanent Fusion storage tent, which is manufactured using the same kind of materials of pre-fab buildings, but with a heavy duty 650g PVC cover, instead of corrugated metal.

Modular Marquee Storage Tent.
Marquee Storage Tent.


For long-term, high value storage, you’d be better with the Fusion. It is a modular, clearspan unit of either 6m or 9m in width, with a length that can stretch to 30m and beyond. These can take winds of around 60mph, so offer a good level of protection for your valued items. Due to their massive sizes, they are a perfect in/out depot preparation space for logistics purposes. Get the day’s deliveries picked and prepared, and then stored in the Fusion tent until the wagon arrives, leaving your warehouse or distribution centre clear of clutter at all times.


For short term, or for smaller space requirements, you don’t need to look much further than the Original or Elite storage tents, which offer great protection from the elements for up to a few weeks at a time, any time of the year. They are available from the compact and discreet 3m x 2m size, up to a more substantial 6m x 12m, so even if you require a larger area covered, it doesn’t have to break the bank at all.

PVC Marquee Storage Tent.
Modular Marquee Storage Tent.


If neither of these types of framework or storage tent is suited for you then don’t panic. As the market leader, our fantastic supply chain and buying power enables us to source and supply high quality bespoke structures at competitive prices, so if you have a project and you don’t know where to start then get in touch with the team on 01709 242454 now.

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