Why buy a storage tent?

While our variety of storage tents are perfect for warehousing our temporary structures can be used as showrooms or retail spaces. In addition, we offer a variety of industrial warehouse buildings, all of which like all Gala Tent structures – deliver the highest quality available. Built for easy set-up, all temporary and modular buildings that we offer are simple to assemble and transport. Each one of our temporary structures boasts practical and visual appeal, so that you’re able to hold any event with complete confidence. Buying a temporary and modular building has never been so straightforward.

Storage tents provide an Instant installation solution: Does your companies warehouse storage facility need to be temporarily increased? If so, then a storage tent is certainly the fastest most cost-effective option in today's marketplace. You can create sheltered space for product, goods or machinery instantly. Whilst the construction of a permanent building will be subject to long lead times and the red tape of applying for permitted development from the government bodies. However, with our storage tent solution time and cost is kept at a minimal. Subsequently, storage tents can be set up immediately and are more cost effective than a comparable warehouse permanent building. Erection can be completed in a proportion of the time and with only 2 to 4 people required.

Modular Marquee Storage Tent.

PVC Temporary Storage Shelter.
Warehouse Storage Tent.

And should your business require more storage space later then the Gala Tent storage tents feature the flexibility of a modular add on system where 2m and 3m bays can be added to expand your warehouse storage space later.

Gala Tent storage tents are so flexible, portable and mobile: assembling or dismantling a storage tent can be done in little to no time. As a result, a Gala Tent can be quickly and easily dismantled and reassembled in another space, which means you can use this for an event, exhibition or an agricultural show. And when the storage unit has done its job is easily dismantled and stored or if now redundant sold, The Gala Tent range also benefits from a high second hand resale value so you can recover over 50% of your initial investment even after years of use.

And here we would like to reinforce that temporary use storage tents are also perfectly suited to long-term semi-permanent applications. The quality solid fabric guarantees long lifespan. Using patent design and technology to produce a warehouse temporary building that provides storage all year round. A storage tent must be suitable and stable for all weather conditions. Our tents are manufactured using high-quality, strong materials and feature the ability to attach specially designed ground anchor systems.

The fabric of our storage tents is made of stable, Rip-Stop PE and the PVC more durable than a commercial HGV lorry tarpaulin cover. Both the PE and PVC have been manufactured with a high level of UV resistance to withstand hot and cold temperatures and won't perish. The professionally made seam welded tent canopies fit precisely to the frame leaving a very taut solid appearance. Specially designed tie down ratchet kits are just some of the related products to further improve the stability of the storage shelter.

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