3m Gala Shade Pro Gazebo Gutter Kit

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Maximise Your Gala Shade Experience with Our Seamless Gutter Kit

Ever thought about combining two Gala Shades but worried about the unpredictable British weather raining on your parade? We have the solution you've been waiting for!

Introducing the Gala Shade 3m Gutter Kit – the must-have accessory for those looking to expand their coverage. This kit isn't just a tool, it's an assurance that come rain or shine, your event remains uninterrupted.

With its meticulous design tailored for the Gala Shade range, this gutter kit seamlessly bridges two gazebos. The result? A larger, unified shelter without the hassle of rain trickling through the middle. Crafted with durability in mind, its heavy-duty Velcro strap design ensures a snug fit, making installations quick, easy, and secure.

Whether you're showcasing at an exhibition, setting up at a farmers market, or hosting a grand garden party, elevate your setup and keep your guests or products dry.

Expand your space, not your worries. Enhance your Gala Shade setup by adding the 3m Gutter Kit to your cart today and experience events on a larger, drier scale.

Perfectly compatible with the entire Gala Shade gazebo range. Ensure a rain-free, expansive shelter for all occasions.
Product Specification for the 3m Gutter Kit
  • Material: High-quality Poly/PVC coated 600d material.
  • Dimensions: 3m in length.
  • Durability: Crafted to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions, ensuring prolonged use without wear.
Compatibility: Designed exclusively for seamless integration with the Gala Shade gazebo range.
Function: Specially tailored to prevent rainwater intrusion when connecting two Gala Shade gazebos side by side.

Experience enhanced protection and ensure your event remains uninterrupted with the Gala Shade 3m Gutter Kit.

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