3m Gala Tent Marquee Add On Carton (3B)

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Expand Your Gala Tent: Seamless & Effortless

Dreaming of a more spacious Gala Tent? The solution is right at your fingertips.

Introducing the Gala Tent Extension Kit - a revolutionary way to magnify the grandeur of your existing tent. Beyond just space, it’s about enhancing the luxury and function of your setting.

No more constraints on space. Whether it's for an expanding guest list, a larger showcase area, or just the need for more breathing room, the extension kit is your ticket to scale up seamlessly. Crafted with precision, it's designed to integrate flawlessly with your existing structure.

Already invested in a ground bar? No worries. Just remember to add x2 G1 ground bar poles and x2 ground bar straight joints to ensure a sturdy and elegant extension. Your Gala Tent deserves nothing but the best.

Expand with ease. Embrace the Gala Tent Extension Kit for a limitless marquee experience.
Product Specification: Add-On-Bay Components

Primary Components:
  • A Rafter Pole: 2 units included.
  • B Pole - Apex and Eave: 3 units provided, designed for peak and sides.
  • C Leg Pole: Comes with 2 units, ensuring stable support.
Additional Information:
  • Optional canopies and sidewalls available.
For further enhancements, related items are listed separately.

Expand your tent seamlessly with the right components. Ensure a robust setup with our Add-On-Bay components list.

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