Gala Shade Leg Covers And 3m Valance x 4 (Orange)

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Elevate Your Gala Shade Gazebo Experience

Introducing a touch of sophistication for your Gala Shade Gazebo!

Crafted with precision and style, our Gala Shade Leg Covers and Valance are not just functional additions but also design masterpieces. Conceived by our esteemed product design team, these accessories have been tailored exclusively for the Gala Shade Pop Up Gazebos range.

Beyond their elegant appearance, these leg covers emanate a sense of warmth and hospitality, ensuring that your gazebo stands out, whether it's a backyard party or a grand outdoor event. The seamless integration of form and function is our promise to you.

Choose Gala Tent for unparalleled quality and design. Elevate your gazebo experience and leave lasting impressions with our Gala Shade Leg Covers and Valance. Because for us, your satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's a guarantee.

Add a touch of luxury; enhance your outdoor gatherings.

Product Specifications: Gala Shade Leg Covers and Valance

  • Material: High-quality 600D Polyester enhanced with a PVC coating, ensuring durability and water resistance.
  • Set Inclusion: 1 complete set of leg covers, comprising 4 individual pieces, designed for a perfect fit.
  • Compatibility: Expertly tailored to fit seamlessly with all three designs within the Gala Shade Range: Pro MX, DXm Pro 40, 50 and 60
  • Attachment Mechanism: Robust Velcro fastening, ensuring a secure fit and easy adjustments.
  • Valances: The package includes 4 valances, each measuring 3m, adding elegance and finishing touch to your gazebo.

Crafted for quality and elegance, designed for your Gala Shade Gazebo.

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