3m x 2m Gala Tent Marquee End and Sidewalls (100% PVC) - Full Set

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Revitalise Your Gala Tent: Premium Replacement Panels Await!

Is your Gala Tent marquee showing signs of wear? Breathe new life into it with our meticulously crafted replacement sidewalls and end panels.

Our panels aren't just replacements - they're an upgrade. Crafted from 650g gloss-coated, self-cleaning PVC material, these panels promise longevity, lustrous finish, and effortless maintenance.

Fitting these panels is a breeze. With heavy-duty commercial-grade Velcro and the trusted Dutch Lacing method, you're guaranteed a snug fit every time. Plus, with an added side skirt, say goodbye to drainage issues, ensuring a dry and comfortable interior for your events.

Give your Gala Tent the revival it deserves. Add the full set to your basket today and let your marquee shine at its best, come rain or shine.

Rejuvenate, upgrade, and protect with Gala Tent's premium panels.
Product Specifications: Gala Tent Replacement Panels

Material Quality:
  • Fabricated from 650g 100% Heavy-Duty PVC, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Self-cleaning covers that remain pristine with minimal effort.
  • British fire-rated in compliance with BS 5438 and BS 7837, guaranteeing safety standards.
Design & Construction:
  • Integrated with heavy-duty eyelets for a secure fit.
  • Utilises Industrial Dutch-lacing fastening on all side panels ensuring steadfast positioning.
  • Bolstered by heavy-duty Velcro and bungee cord straps for added stability and ease of assembly.
Additional Features:
  • Comes with window blank covers for moments when privacy is a premium.
  • Manufactured to be watertight, featuring tense welded material that keeps the elements at bay.
Packaging Dimensions:
  • End Panels (3m 100% PVC): 58x47x9cm; Weight: 6.85kg.
  • Sidewalls (2m 100% PVC): 58x47x8cm; Weight: 4.05kg.

Ensure the longevity and appearance of your Gala Tent with these premium replacement panels. Ideal for events, exhibitions, and personal use.

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