6m Span Gala Tent Marquee Fusion - 3m Add On Bay

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6m span 3m add on bay containing all components to make you Gala Tent fusion bigger, for example if you have a 6m x 6m and would like 6m x 9m then this add on bay will give you that added value.

You can keep adding bays to your modular marque to make 30 to 40m or even bigger.
Features and Specifications:
* Size: 6m Add On bay
* Modular fitting
* Can be extended further
* Includes, x1 - 3m roof section
* Includes x2 sidewalls.
* Includes aluminium framework
* Includes joints and fittings
* Fire retardant
* BS 5867:1980 Part 2.
* PATENT GB 1021341.1

This add on bay does not include ground bar add on, if you are using ground bars then see related items or call our sales team for assistance

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