6m x 6m Gala Tent Portable Car Port - Original (PE)

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Sidewalls are not included with Gala Tent Car Ports.

Sidewalls can be purchased separately here. 



The 6m x 12m Gala Tent makes the perfect double freestanding car port canopy, the ideal storage tent for your vehicles and is a great way to keep your prize possessions covered, offering protection from the elements come rain or shine.
Temporarily cover your pride and joy with a Freestanding double garage Car Port from Gala Tent.
Using 42mm tubular steel metal framework and tough 240g Polyethylene (PE), with 44mm powder-coated steel joints to hold it firm, this low-cost, easy to maintain car port is ideal for temporary vehicle storage and shelter.
6m freestanding car port canopies are wide enough to cover two cars, side by side, so simply select the correct length for the number of vehicles you wish to store and the car port will be delivered next working day. You will notice that the roof has strengthening braces. 6m wide Gala Tent Car Ports require roof support to ensure safety at all times. Please be aware of cheap 6m car ports that do not have roof support.
These car storage tents can be bolted to the ground, or if they are very temporary then please ensure you use ample weights or tie-downs to ensure you protect your vehicle in windy conditions.
The Gala Tent freestanding car port canopy use the same metal framework as our famed heavy duty marquees, so once it has served its purpose, you can come back to Gala Tent for marquee sidewalls and your tent can be reinvented as a social venue in your garden quickly, easily, and with free next working day delivery.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I anchor the carport down?
The car port is free standing, however we recommend you tie the structure down with ground bars, ratchet tie down kits or weights. If you have a concrete base you could also opt for anchor bolts fixed through the pedestal leg foot plates.
Can I extend the metal carport?
The Gala Tent is available in seventeen different sizes! Which means if you find that you need a larger car port at a later date, the kit has Multi-Bay option which offers the degree of flexibility you need benefiting from the option to add 2m add-on bays if required.
Whats the guarantee?
All Gala Tent's are supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 months manufacturers limited warranty, on the frame and covers. The PVC material has a 3 year limited warranty, so if you have a defect Gala will fix it.....
Are the carports fireproof?
Yes in deed, all Gala Tent material is British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
Are the car port canopies waterproof?
Yes indeed again, we believe we are the only tent factory to provide a waterproof certification with our tents, as all the roof canopies are now seem welded using the latest technology.
Can I buy spare parts?
Anyone can understand the frustration of misplacing a metal pole or joint even a sidewall. With Gala Tent you can simply replace any missing part by ordering it online, all orders are delivered on a next working day, so you can have what you need right when you want it. How many other tent suppliers offer that level of customer service?
Can I make it into a enclosed carport Later?
If you opt for the canopy only, you can buy a full set of sidewalls and end panels later should you wish to make a fully enclosed structure at a later date.
Safety Precautions
Its very important to anchor your carport to the ground, Tie Down Kits, Ground Bars and Heavy Duty Pegs are a recommended optional extra in even the calmest weather conditions; see related items.

The Gala Tent range of marquees is built to last. We've listed below the key features of the Gala Tent specification; combined we believe these features make Gala Tent the most durable marquee of its kind in the world
  • 240g PE commercial quality covers
  • British fire-rated to BS 5438 and BS 7837
  • Heavy duty brass eyelets
  • Strong upto 44mm tubular steel frame and 44mm corner joints.
  • Tube wall thickness upto 1.2mm
  • Powder coated framework
  • Locating/retaining screw at each joint for stability and strength
  • Full instructions and care manual

Height Dimensions:
Eave Height: 205cm
Centre Apex Height: 370cm
Packing Information
1 x Carton 218x17x13cm – WT 46.7kg
2 x Carton 200x24.5x14cm – WT 34.9kg
1 x Carton 58x46x28cm – WT 22.2kg
1 x Carton 58x46x32cm - WT 15.5kg
Structure Size:
6m x 6m (aprox: 20ft x 20ft)


Optional Sidewalls:

Sidewalls are not included by default but can be purchased separately here.

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