Printed Gazebos

Artwork Files
We accept the following files:


Vector Files: These files are based on lines and shapes making them easily scalable, this reduces the risk of pixelated artwork. Vector files are also editable so changes can be made much easier. (Usually .EPS, .PDF, .AI, .SVG)

Raster Files: Raster image file are based on pixels and should be saved at 300 dpi to reduce any pixelation that may occur. If files are extremely large 150 dpi should be used. As raster artwork easily pixelates we do not recommend designing artwork less than 1/4 scale. (Usually .PSD, .JPG, .PNG)

Vectorised Image

Vector files remain crisp and sharp and never lose quality when resized

Rasterised Image

Raster images pixelate and lose quality when resized

Artwork Size
We recommend that artwork should be at actual print size if possible. This isn’t always possible but closer to the finished printed size the better. We prefer vector based artwork for logo and text based designs this is usually in the following file types; .EPS, .PDF, .AI (All other file types are still accepted but may not be suitable)

We prefer to work with artwork in CMYK wherever possible. RGB files can be worked with if CMYK is not available.

Specific PANTONE colours will be matched to the CMYK equivalent. We will always try to match colours although some colours are not acheivable in CMYK. In those cases we will advise you on the closest colour match.

Please be aware when a PANTONE is used across different products which are made from different materials there is a possiblity that the colour may not come out the same across every product.

How porous a materials surface is will affect the colour result depending how much ink is absorbed into the surface and due to the light reflecting off the surface creating a different colour tone on each material. The texture and transparency of a material also plays a part in how the colour appears.

Artwork Redraw
If vector artwork is not available and the raster artwork that has been supplied is not of high enough quality an artwork redraw service is available. This service is charged at £40 per hour +VAT. A designer will advise how long a redraw will take.

Before and After Vectorised examples

Submitting Artwork
Where possible please send vector artwork with fonts saved to outline form. Altenatively please email any fonts used in the artwork to us.


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