Case Study: How to Transform Your Garden with a Gala Tent Marquee

We were recently sent some pictures from our customer Ray Russell, who has absolutely transformed his garden space with a Gala Tent marquee, and we have to say, it's one of the best examples of a marquee being used to its full potential; it's inspiring stuff, so much so that we just had to share it with you.

A marquee in a garden, on some decking. the tent has been decorated.

Elevating outdoor living to new heights

Gala Tent is a distinguished name in marquee and tent manufacturing; since 1999 we have been building a formidable reputation for providing affordable luxury, which was never available to consumers before that. Gala Tent was the name that brought affordable home and garden marquees to the UK all those years ago, and we have been building on that ever since.

Ray, from Essex, has completely transformed his home's outdoor space using a 3m x 6m Elite PVC marquee that he purchased in November 2022 as part of our Black Friday marquee sale. His intention was to use the marquee to extend his home for the Christmas period, but he took it to the next level by adding some luxurious features, and the tent has become a permanent fixture at his family home.

A christmas dinner scene, with a table set up for lunch inside a marquee

The Garden Marquee Transformation

Ray has covered some of his garden decking with the PVC marquee, and inside it is the stuff of dreams for anybody. As you exit the house through the patio doors, you are treated to elegant starlight-filled drapes around the roof section and down the legs, with soft lighting to give a great illumination no matter what the time of year, and down-facing heaters to keep the space cosy whatever the weather.

On the right of the garden marquee, Ray has installed a fully-stocked bar, complete with a functioning fruit machine to give a seriously authentic feel to the space. A Rattan corner suite sits facing the bar to help the family relax as they bring the indoors outdoors. A large screen TV sits beside the bar, for watching whatever they want to any time Finally, at the end of 3m x 6m marquee's space, there sits a hot tub jacuzzi. The whole thing gives us a seriously proud feeling as we see how Ray has really taken the blank-canvas nature of a marquee and fulfilled its potential to the maximum.

Ray said this went he sent us the images, "We bought it for Christmas dinner last year, but we love it so much that we have never taken it down. It's stood strong all year, with no damage whatsoever. I tried to make some adjustments to one of the side panels, but discovered that Gala Tent supplies door sections in place of side panels,, so I'll be adding a door to it on the side."

Black Friday Garden Transformation Opportunities

Ray's innovative approach to using the Gala Tent marquee has opened a new chapter in home entertainment and comfort.

Jason Mace, our company CEO, was delighted to see one of our marquees transforming the garden space to such an extent. He said, “Ray’s creative use of our tent is a testament to Gala Tent's ability to craft luxurious, multipurpose spaces that go beyond the norm. It’s a lifestyle enhancement, not merely a shelter.

Our sales manager Darren Perry echoed Jason's sentiments, saying, “Our marquees are more than tents; they are the keys to crafting your own unique haven. Anybody can do it, and Ray has showed exactly how far you can take it. We have some great early Black Friday deals, including discounts of up to 30%, so now is the ideal time to enhance your home entertainment space. Put it up for Christmas, then give yourself an amazing home improvement project to love all year.


Since our foundation in 1999, we have been transforming outdoor spaces with marquees, party tents and pop-up gazebos. Our tents are favoured by emergency services and St John's Ambulance, the military, many government bodies, hundreds of thousands of businesses, as well as consumers like Ray, using our tents to extend their homes. Gala Tent delivers over 15,000 marquees and gazebos every year to customers in the UK and overseas, and in excess of 90,000 accessories, such as marquee heaters, lighting and high quality outdoor furniture.

Christmas is coming

With the festive season approaching, Gala Tent is here to help you revolutionise your garden space with a high quality marquee or party tent. Whether it's for an extravagant New Year's celebration with your extended family invited, or it's an intimate family get-together on Christmas day, make your events memorable with Gala Tent. Our team can be reached on 01709 911948 if you'd like to discuss the space you have available, or you can log on to contact them through the Live Chat feature. Of, if you already know what you want, head to our Black Friday offer page and start shopping with confidence now.

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