The Gala Shade Pro MX Gazebo

At Gala Tent, we manufacture and supply six different models of pop-up gazebo, and it can be difficult to differentiate one from the next, so we're creating a series of articles dedicated to exploring each of those models in closer detail. This article will introduce you to the Gala Shade Pro MX Gazebo.

In 1999, Gala Tent was the first company to bring affordable marquees to the masses, and in 2005 we brought high quality pop-up gazebos to the shores of the UK. One of the first models we launched was the budget model Gala Shade Max. It used 32mm steel framework, hard-wearing nylon joints and had budget-friendly PVC-coated polyester covers. Over the next twenty years, we took on customer feedback and developed the Gala Shade Max to incorporate more robust joints, increased the quality of the covers, and we made the materials used thicker and stronger. Essentially, that gazebo evolved to become the Gala Shade Pro MX that we sell today.   

A facepainting stall using a waterproof gazebo
A row of pop up gazebos hired to a town festival
Purple gazebos at a town festival

About the Gala Shade Pro MX Gazebo

The Gala Shade Pro MX incorporates 1.2mm thick silver powder-coated steel framework, which adds a very useful amount of weight to it, which helps to keep the structure more grounded than a more lightweight gazebo might be. The covers are an incredibly water-resistant 600 denier, PVC-coated polyester, and are available in twelve different colours. The joints are a high quality hammer-tested nylon. 

So – Hammer-tested nylon. What’s that and why is it good? Well, many cheaper gazebos use plastic joints and sliders, and what you need to know about that plastic is that it can only take one knock, particularly in cold weather, to shatter or crack it. Nylon is a much more malleable, which means that no matter how much hammer you give it, pun intended, it will retain its shape, and provide you with a much longer lasting gazebo. If you’re old enough to remember rulers before they launched the shatterproof versions, that’s what we’re talking about. Avoid cheap gazebos that don’t specify the kind of materials used, as you’ll find yourself with the kind of ruler that’s not shatterproof and you’ll lose it as soon as you use it.  

Despite being the entry-level gazebo at Gala Tent until the Pro DX was launched a few years ago, the Pro MX is remarkably heavyweight and strong for its price-point. It’s been seen at town fairs, festivals and country shows across the UK, and at our local RSPB reserve Old Moor, they’ve had a Gala Shade Pro MX outside for fundraising purposes for as long as I can remember.  

Who is the gazebo ideal for?

So who is it perfect for? The Pro MX is built for home and garden use, or moderate commercial use. If you’re out maybe once a week, or a couple of times a month, then this is absolutely capable of performing for you. If you’re out and about 5 times a week putting it up and taking it down regularly at markets, I wouldn’t say it was the ideal tent for your needs. You’ll want to explore the Pro 40 or the Pro 50, which have been developed and built for much more regular applications.  

Let’s talk spec and dimensions. This gazebo is currently available in 3m x 4.5m or 3m x 6m. If you’d like a 3m x 3m for your garden then I recommend the Pro DX. If you’re after something for your business then explore the Pro 40 range.  

The 3m x 4.5m weighs in at a pretty hefty 52kg, including the canopy. It’s no lightweight, toy gazebo. That size of tent packs down to 165cm x 35cm x 26cm. One person could put this up alone, but we recommend double teaming it for health and safety reasons.  

The 3m x 6m weighs in at 68kg, including the canopy. It packs down to 165cm x 46cm x 26cm, and would definitely need two people to erect it safely.  

Any size of Gala Shade Pro MX gazebo comes with 5 adjustable height settings. This enables you to drop the gazebo down in windy conditions to protect it from being taken by big gusts, and also means you can either erect it in a space where ceilings or lower, or erect it across uneven spaces. There’s a short wall or a step at either part of the frame. You can adjust the legs to ensure it all sits nicely. 

A robust steel gazebo with nylon joints

What do you get in the box? With the Pro MX, you’ll receive the frame and the canopy in a colour of your choosing. Sidewalls are an optional extra, because not everybody wants them, and we like to give our customers the freedom to build their own perfect gazebo bundle. 

Other recommended accessories for the Pro MX would be the wheeled storage bag, this is especially recommended for commercial use when you want to take your gazebo out and about, and because these gazebos are heavy, it will make for a much easier process of getting them from A to B.  

Ground Bars are a must-have accessory in my opinion. They connect one leg to the next, keeping them firmly fixed in situ, and stopping them from moving in odd angles when the gazebo is moved, either by humans or mother nature. This protects the entire gazebo from accidental damage. If you have sidewalls, then ground bars also act as a tether for the lower half of the walls in windy conditions because they run through a sleeve that’s stitched into the walls, keeping them taut and your gazebo looking smart. 

Recommended Gazebo Weights for safety

All Gala Shade gazebos are incredibly strong pieces of kit, but if a big wind comes up and they’re not anchored effectively, then you’re losing your tent to the elements. There’s no two ways about it. Gala Tent offers multiple weights and tie-down options for serving the purpose of protecting your investment.  

These anchors include, cast iron weights that offer 13kg per unit and are sold in pairs. Leg weight bags – these are a contraption that you fill with sand or gravel to add 13kg to each leg and are also sold in pairs. There are the water weight bags, which offer a massive 50kg of anchorage and are sold with the ratchet strap you’ll need to attach it to your gazebo. They travel very light, but fill them with water and they mean serious business. If you don’t have access to a water supply, then concrete weights offer 40kg of anchorage and are sold individually, or as 4 or 10 packs.  

If you’re on soft ground then you might use essential tie downs or heavy duty storm kits. These are low cost and super effective at their job. One top tip for you when using any kind of ratchet strap or tie-down, do not use the D-ring on the canopy. It’s not designed for tying down, it’s for pulling your canopy tight. Gala Tent structures are strong – don't be scared to wrap the ratchet around the corner at the top of the leg. You’ll avoid damage to your canopy and anchor your gazebo much more effectively.  


Benefits of the Gala Shade Pro MX Gazebo


Spare Parts Readily Available

All Weather protection

And that was the Gala Shade Pro MX and its associated accessories. If you’re tempted by the low price but aren’t sure if it’s going to be strong enough for your needs then just get in touch with our team on 01709 242454 and have a chat. We offer genuine, honest expert advice on the correct tent for your needs.

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