With the post-Solstice celebrations of Glastonbury upon us this week, the festival season kicks into overdrive, and traders are gearing up for the hustle and bustle of the summer's grand entertainment events. From huge festivals like Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading to small-medium events like Kendal Calling and Y Not Festival, street food stalls, clothing vendors, and party suppliers are in high demand. One essential piece of equipment that festival traders cannot afford to overlook is the pop-up gazebo. A sturdy, reliable, and versatile gazebo is an essential tool in a trader's arsenal. It provides shelter, display space, and even a branding opportunity. 

Our Blog offers a comprehensive guide to the benefits of pop-up gazebos for festival traders, delving into their various uses, the types of traders who might need them, and recommendations for three top-quality models. So, let's dive in. 

A yellow pop up gazebo at a festival

The Pop-up Gazebo: A Festival Trader's Best Friend

For festival traders, a gazebo is more than just a canopy; it's a portable shopfront, a branding billboard, and a shield against the unpredictable British weather. But why a pop-up gazebo? 

Easy Set-up 

One of the key features of a pop-up gazebo is the simplicity and speed of its installation. With a pop-up gazebo, you can eliminate the hassle of manual assembly. These models come as an 'all-in-one' design that makes it a breeze to set up and pack away, leaving traders with more time to focus on their display and customers. 



Pop-up gazebos come in various sizes, from compact 3m x 3m to spacious and monstrous 4m x 8m units, catering to the unique needs of different traders. For instance, a street food vendor may require a smaller gazebo for their stall, while a clothing or party supplies vendor might need a larger model to accommodate their stock and display and keep it out of the elements. 



Good pop-up gazebos are designed to be robust and weather-resistant. They offer protection from harsh UV rays, ensuring traders and their products stay cool and safe under the sun. A good quality gazebo is waterproof, keeping traders and their wares dry during those inevitable British downpours.


A row of pop-up gazebos belonging to Vagabond clothing, to sell their products from.

Meeting the Needs of Various Festival Traders 

Pop-up gazebos cater to a wide range of festival traders. Let's look at how they meet the needs of various types of vendors. 


Street Food Sellers 

For street food vendors, a pop-up gazebo serves as a shelter for their cooking equipment and patrons. A 3m x 3m gazebo, such as the Gala Shade Pro 40, offers ample space for a small food stall, plus its lightweight design is easy for one person to erect. Moreover, Gala Tent gazebos come with fire-retardant covers, an essential feature for food sellers. 


Clothing Vendors 

Clothing vendors need a larger space to display their apparel attractively and allow customers to browse comfortably. A 3m x 6m gazebo, like the Gala Shade Pro 50, is an excellent choice. Its large size accommodates racks of clothing, changing areas, and still leaves room for customers to move around. 


Party Supplies Sellers 

Festival traders who sell party or celebration supplies, such as costumes, accessories, or glow sticks, can also benefit from a large gazebo. With plenty of room to display their vibrant products and for customers to peruse, a 3m x 6m gazebo is ideal. 


A row of white and blue pop-up gazebos at a festival, with a stage in the background

Pop-up Gazebo Recommendations 

When investing in a gazebo, quality and durability should be at the forefront of your decision. Gala Tent, the leading brand in the industry, offers a range of gazebos that tick all the right boxes. Here are three models that stand out as ideal for the festival trading scene: 


A pop-up gazebo with black canopy, against a white backdrop

Gala Shade Pro 40 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo 

This model is perfect for small to medium-sized stalls. It's commercial-grade but lightweight, making it easy for one person to handle, although at a festival we’re confident you’re going to have a team of people with you to handle the immense demand for your goods from revellers.  

Despite its lightness, it's sturdy and reliable, providing excellent protection against the elements. The framework is manufactured from aluminium, with the central joints using profile aluminium instead of a much weaker cast alloy that is found in inferior models. The legs are 40mm in width, and the roof section includes an external spring on the peak pole, which helps the tent to sway gently in any windy conditions, to reduce any stress on the structure itself. 

Verdict: Light, strong and perfect for street food sellers.  

Extra Recommendation: Water Weights help you to travel light but add 50kg of anchor to your trading gazebo when they’re filled.  

Gala Shade Pro 50 3m x 3m Pop-Up Gazebo 


The Pro 50 is a step up in quality. It's the UK's most popular trading tent, known for its superior durability and strength. This gazebo will stand firm, even in challenging weather conditions. The Pro 50 is used by professional street food vendors, market traders and market operators on a daily and weekly basis, which highlights its suitability for festival trading where there is likely to be a high footfall.  

The frame is manufactured from aluminium, with 50mm hexagonal legs. Like the Pro 40, it has an external spring to aid wind resistance, and all joints and fixings throughout the tent are profile aluminium. This is a seriously strong piece of kit.  


Verdict: The strongest 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo to buy on the market 

Extra Recommendation: Get it branded with dye-sublimation printing to really add your brand personality to the covers. 

A pop up gazebo with white canopy, against a white backdrop
A pop up gazebo with white covers and sidewalls, against a white backdrop

Gala Shade Pro 50 3m x 6m Pop-Up Gazebo 


For traders needing more space, the 3m x 6m Pro 50 is a fantastic choice. It provides ample room for large displays or even multiple vendors sharing a pitch. Despite its larger size, it maintains the high-quality and durability standard of the Gala Shade Pro 50 line. This structure is in use by professional motorsport teams to protect vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, that’s the level of confidence and stability you’re getting. 

As with the 3m x 3m model, it’s made with 50mm hexagonal legs and aluminium framework, with 3 peak poles to keep the canopy nice and taut. The Pro 50 comes with a 5-year framework warranty, and spare parts can be delivered next working day so even with any accidental damage, you need never buy another 3m x 6m gazebo until you’re ready to expand your business.  

Verdict: Super-strong, large tent ideal for traders with more to sell. 

Extra Recommendation: Use Ground Bars to increase the stability further still.  

Ultimately, you’re trading at a festival and you need everything to go well to get a good return on your substantial investment in your pitch. A good quality pop-up gazebo will go some way to giving you confidence in your stall. Gala Tent has been making and selling commercial-use gazebos for over twenty years, with customer feedback-driven developments and patent-protected technology that means we never stop improving what we do.  

If you’ve a music or culture festival coming up this summer and want everything to go as smoothly as possible, we recommend giving the team a call on 01709 911948 or downloading a brochure to see the full range of products. We offer next working day delivery on gazebos and accessories, with extra time required for printing and branded products. Get in touch to discuss your needs now.  

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