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It's a little later than planned, as we've been super-busy here at Gala Tent HQ, preparing for what we're hoping will be a fantastic Winter period, but here's number 6 in our Seven Reasons Why Gala Tent series of blogs, which takes a glimpse at our Award Winning Customer Services team.

Award Winning Customer Services

Let’s be honest – customer service is an incredibly difficult job to do, even more difficult to do well. We’re all people at Gala Tent, we’ve all had to make our own calls to get a problem resolved from a service or product provider, and we understand how frustrating it can be when that provider appears not to care about us, or our needs. Everybody makes mistakes, and anything can go wrong at any time, but we believe in the old adage that says it’s how you put those mistakes right that really counts. Gala Tent has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for outstanding customer services, which suggests that we’re a company that really cares about our clients, and we have gone over and above on many occasions to ensure our customers are happy with their commercial grade marquee or pop-up gazebo, and the service they receive when faced with any problems.

Meet the team

Don’t believe us? Here’s a review from Mary H back in 2002.

“I just wanted to record my thanks to you for the way you helped me sort out a problem we had with a wrong specification in an order we made on the Internet last weekend… When we opened the package and measured up it was obvious that we had the wrong size. When I rang you, rather than say it was not your problem, you took ownership of the problem and eventually resolved it. I was impressed with the way you kept me informed at each step of the way, and checked as you went along that the changes were acceptable… I am always frustrated by the general couldn’t care less attitude by some companies to meeting the needs of the customer. Your attitude was refreshing and I am very grateful to you for assisting.”

Seventeen years later, we’re still providing fantastic customer service, and thanks to Mike W for his wonderful review from 2019:

“Great product and excellent customer service. We ordered a replacement canopy and side panel, and unfortunately the wrong size canopy was sent by mistake, but Gala Tent sorted this promptly. Wrong one collected and right one delivered just a couple of days later. Our new top and sides look fab!”