Building a trusted trademark brand from the ground up is no easy task.

“What should it look like?”
“How should it make people feel?”
“Will it get my message across to my target audience?”

These are questions that naturally come up when you start the discovery journey of how to connect the dots between which services you’re offering or what you’re selling and who it is that you’re trying to reach. Whether you've a start-up or looking to enhance your existing brand, here's everything you need to know about building a strong brand for your business.

This content has been adapted from part of Jason Mace’s best-selling entrepreneurial self-help book, Event Industry Boss: The Secret to Becoming Successful in the Event Industry, which is a great source of information and good ideas.



A brand isn’t just a recognizable name and logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market. Your brand is how people identify you. We all have a personal brand that means something different to everybody we meet. We each have many different traits that leave different impressions on different people, and what they say about us when we’re not there. So as an individual always leave a good impression and look after your personal brand on the way.

Likewise, businesses have names, products, logos, colours, fonts, a language, a mission statement, and most importantly a story that make up who they are and affect how they are identified.

Building your brand


Let’s start with laying the groundwork for building your brand. Figure out your place in the market before you start making any decisions about your brand. Here are some things to think about:

• Google your product or service category to view your competition. The names at the top of the ads will usually be the big players with a budget to spend on their effort, so therefore more likely to be the most successful at what they do and what you want to do. Look at their services, products and website. What would you do to improve on it to set yourself apart?

• Chat to people who are part of your target market and ask them which services/product they buy in your space. Visit Trade Shows and Expos, talk to the people who exist within the industries to gain a greater understanding of the way the market is going.

• Social Media has become the platform of choice for delivering ads and messages, which can be directly targeted at key demographics whose attention you need, but before you get to that stage, research who they are. Join groups filled with people who appreciate the kind of work you do and go down the rabbit hole. See who they are, what makes them tick. If you know your audience, then you will have a better idea of how you want to present your brand.

• Also before you begin your business, join groups filled with professionals in your industry and ask questions. Don’t be shy. I can absolutely say with confidence that you will be told not to bother, there are too many doing that already. Ignore them. You will of course also receive lots of great advice, and be pointed in the direction of websites and resources to help you on your way.

• Ask your friends for advice, both online and personal. Give them options. Would you prefer logo A or logo B? People cannot help but give you their opinion. It makes them feel valued. So what better way to make them feel like a part of your journey than by asking their opinion on what matters most at that time? They’ll want to help out down the line when it comes to promoting you.

• Research hashtags relevant to your product or service on social media to see the kinds of people that use them, and the kind of impact the posts have. Want to become the rockstar of marquee hire and make it your speciality to deliver extra special prom and 18th birthday celebrations with live music or circus acts in a personal festival tent? Go for it.

• What is your ideal client, and who do you want to work with? It’s also important that you get a solid picture of who your own dream client or customer would be. It will help you to mould the personality of your brand. Find your ideal demographic and set the bar high. It’s important to have this knowledge before moving forward with your business plan as it will inform you about what your brand should focus on and how it can position itself apart from the competitors

• It’s important to focus on value. It’s all about value. Let that form all the other parts of your business and brand as you build it. If you add value to someone’s life, then you have a great brand. Which words work with your brand? Look at your brand through a customer’s eyes. What would you expect to see, or receive, for your money? What kind of value would you require being the client? Think about backup service, maintenance, or spare parts. All of these add value, which come at a cost, so never undersell yourself.

Have you thought about the logo? Is there one you have in mind? Some logos, however simple they might appear, do have some incredible thought, and often great backstories.

Gala Tent Logo

For example, above is the classic Gala Tent logo – The colour blue represents trust, bank logos are all usually blue if you look at them, as they are the colour of trust. In our case we also want to project the outdoors and the blue sky. The text GALA TENT in capital letters in Gold represents the Gold customer service and quality of product that we supply. The logo breaks away into lines, which represent a modular tent that you can add to. The shape is of a pitched roof, representing cover. The name Gala represents a social occasion with special entertainments or performances. We added the union jack to our logo a decade ago to promote our British authenticity along with a very clever marketing device, the longlasting slogan Designed and Built in Britain. This still works for us today, it’s a great slogan, and one I am very proud of.

There is no magic formula for creating the best brand, delivering the best product to the correct market. It takes a lot of time, effort, mistakes, research, development, and ultimately, it will need a lot of love from you to give it the best chance of survival. If you know who your customer is, and what value you add to their life, you’re already winning.

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