Commercial Gazebos

At Gala Tent, we are committed to supplying the highest quality commercial gazebos that are designed for regular use by businesses and business-owners, whatever their activity. Whether you're an outdoor trader selling fresh produce, a corporate client looking for premium quality pop-up information stands, or a professional event planner adding commercial gazebos to your product portfolio, Gala Tent has you covered.

We supply a range of commercial gazebos that can be customised to match strict branding requirements, elevating your business display effortlessly. Check out some of the commercial-standard gazebos available to buy from Gala Tent with free next working day delivery, below.

Great Commercial Gazebos

Gala Shade Pro 60 Gazebo

The most robust gazebo available to buy in the UK, the Gala Shade Pro 60 is designed for relentless use and comes with unrivalled, industry-leading 60mm hexagonal aluminium legs. The joints are double-reinforced to ensure total strength and stability.

Price from: £1074.99
Commercial Grade 

Branded Commercial Gazebos in action

The Evolution of Commercial Stalls

Imagine visiting a bustling outdoor market near Thoresby Hall in 2005. The majority of stalls look like something out of a refugee camp — unsteady, blowing in the wind, dirty, and devoid of any branding or marketing appeal. As a trader or a customer, does this inspire confidence or interest?

In that very setting, Jason Mace envisioned a transformation. He saw a world where these makeshift stalls evolved into stunning, vibrant displays with a strong brand identity, effectively communicating what was on offer to any passer by.

Enter the Gala Shade. Mace and his team transformed this vision into reality, creating a commercial-quality gazebo with a sturdy pop-up frame. But it wasn't just about aesthetics. This gazebo could be set up in mere minutes, shaving off hours previously spent by traders on setting up. And the benefits? Traders using the Gala Shade reported a staggering 50% increase in business footfall. A gazebo that not only looks good but significantly boosts your business? That's a game-changer.

Since its inception, Gala Tent has sold hundreds of thousands of Gala Shade Pro Gazebos across the world, cementing our reputation as a reliable provider of professional standard pop-up shelters across various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the returns policy?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Gala Tent purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

What is the Gala Tent Manufacturer's Guarantee?

We offer a limited warranty of up to 5 years on our products.

How much does a Gala Tent Marquee cost?

Prices start from £289.99, with free delivery available to your home or business address.

How much does a Gala Tent Gazebo cost?

Prices begin at £199.99, with free delivery directly to your home or business address.

Can I have my Gala Tent custom-printed?

Absolutely. We offer design and printing services to enhance your business's corporate image, attracting more trade to your stall.

Are Gala Tents waterproof?

Yes, all Gala Tent structures are crafted from waterproof materials.

Can I purchase spare parts for my Gala Tent?

Certainly, if you lose or damage any part of your Gala Tent, we offer spares for up to 10 years post-purchase.

Are Gala Tents suitable for hire?

Absolutely. Gala Tents are of commercial quality, making them the top choice for numerous hire companies, government entities, the military, race teams, and market stall traders.

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