Glamping Yurts to Buy

Welcome to Gala Tent. For the past 25 years we have made a substantial name for ourselves supplying premium standard marquees, party tents and gazebos. We also supply a range of more unique and novel outdoor structures, including Mongolian Glamping Yurts to buy to keep for your glamping resort, holiday park or even back garden.

Glamping Yurts

The original Camp Yurt is a circular, pole based portable, round canvas tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of Central Asia. Nowadays Yurts have been upgraded and modernised and provide a much more spacious, luxurious camping experience, which can often include full sized beds, stoves a kitchen and traditionally plenty of soft furnishing.

Price from: £6599.99

Yurt Specifications

Framework Aluminium and Bamboo
4-layer Fabric – outer skin waterproof pvc
Insulation material layer
Decorative material layer in cotton
Quality timber door
Window – aluminium frame and glass
Fabric colour options available
Sizes: 4.44m / 5.12m / 6.23m / 8m
Notice: at the moment we do not have a fire treated internal fabric so we strongly recommend that you treat the fabric for fire rating if renting to the general public.

What is a Glamping Yurt?

A yurt is a circular shelter created with a lattice of flexible poles, covered in fabric, usually felt. Yurts are portable, steady, and reliable, much more so than a traditional tent.

The origin of the yurt can be traced back to Central Asian identity. Central Asian travellers and nomads would travel multiple times per year in search of shelter, fresh pasture, or to see and experience new places.

Unlike a proper home, yurts can be dismantled in as little as an hour with a small team, a team Central Asian travellers definitely had. The materials to construct the yurt(s) would be hauled by a pack of animals, allowing them to take their shelter(s) with them with ease.

The fabric covering the yurt, acting as a waterproof roof would come from their own animals, with wool being created into felt. This method would compress the wool fibres into tough and strong felt, making the ideal roof for their yurts.

Today, Mongolian Yurts are becoming more and more popular. Holidaymakers are flocking to new destinations to experience glamping themselves, a lot of the time in a yurt.

Why should I invest in a Glamping Yurt?

Many keen tourists love the idea of camping, but aren’t so fond of actually pitching up and embracing the British weather. After all, who can blame them?

Glamping, and the use of yurts, allows guests the opportunity to escape the often treacherous British weather for a warm and luxurious accommodation option, yet still encapsulating the camping experience.

You can’t ask for much more, attracting the attention of keen campers, those wanting to try something new, and those looking for a quick escape from everyday life, cutting back to the very basics of nature. Except for a few luxurious items, of course.

How can I make money with a Yurt?

Staying in a yurt is a form of glamping. Glamping is also known as ‘glamorous camping’, think of camping with slightly more luxurious facilities - in some cases showers in the yurts, cooking facilities, and other essentials.

More and more holiday destinations are joining the trend and erecting multiple yurts for keen holidaymakers, bringing in a little extra cash whilst providing a new and exciting experience for tourists.

Yurts are relatively low in price and currently extra high in demand, especially with the increase of staycations in the UK.

The yurt can be erected with a small team in just a few hours, requiring no pitching, re-positing, or regular dismantling like a traditional tent. This makes it a low maintenance, cost-effective glamping option for guests, increasing your cash flow with less regular upheld.

How much can I charge per night for a glamping yurt?

Ultimately, this depends on your location. A yurt in the heart of the lake district, Yorkshire dales, or coast of Cornwall will no doubt bring in more per night than a yurt on the outskirts of London.

However, with that being said, many holidaymakers have been seen to charge anywhere from £100 - £150 per night, with money subtracted for multiple nights stays.

Glamping Yurts for Festival Organisers

The majority of festival-goers are young, bold, and enjoy living on the battlefield that is the festival ground, surrounded by booze, endless mud, and all-night parties.

However, for those a little past their peak festival years and don’t quite want to face the battlefield, glamping and yurts open up a whole other festival experience.

This no doubt increases accessibility, whilst allowing you to charge a premium for the accommodation - a win, win for everyone.

With the addition of a yurt-filled site, this allows you to safely increase capacity without sacrificing safety.

Likewise, offering a premium experience allows you to increase revenue, attracting all kinds of festival-goers not so keen on pitching up in a field, but just as excited in regards to who’s playing.

Accommodating VIP guests with Yurts

With the addition of a private and secure yurt-filed site, you’ll also attract the attention of real-life VIPs. We’re talking celebrities, perhaps fellow artists and creatives, enjoying the festival experience without the overwhelming crowd attention.

This is a make or break for many celebrities, providing a luxurious and private experience is no doubt the way forward - increasing the popularity of your music festival.

If you're a festival organiser or glampsite/resort owner and wish to discuss purchasing one or more Yurts for your business then give our team of experts a call on 01709 242454 and have a chat about your plans. We can help. Alternatively, drop us a message via the form below and we'll be in touch quickly.

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