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Motorsport events are exhilarating experiences that bring together racing enthusiasts, teams, and sponsors. To ensure the smooth running of these events, race teams require a versatile and reliable shelter solution. This is where motorsport tents, also known as awnings, play a crucial role in keeping your crew and equipment sheltered from all kinds of weather.

Through our motorsport brand, Gala Performance, we supply a range of professional standard motorsport tents, from easy-to-erect and cost-effective pop up gazebo tents, to the industrial strength freestanding awnings with robust framework and high grade PVC. All of the motorsport tents can be supplied plain or with full printed customisation on the covers.

Check out our range of tents, plus a selection of high quality accessories below.

Pop-Up Motorsport Tents for Sale

Gala Shade Pro 40

The Gala Shade Pro 40 instant canopy is a durable tent designed for commercial use, meaning its ready to withstand the busy workload of a pit crew. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and 40mm hexagonal legs, it combines strength with effortless portability. The central joints are made of profile aluminum and equipped with an external peak-pole spring, providing added protection against windy weather. The Pro 40 is the perfect choice of tent for a weekend motorsport event due to how easy it is to assemble and take-down.

Price from: £359.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 50

The Gala Shade Pro 50 is not only the UK's most popular gazebo but it's also a true powerhouse that dominates motorsport events. Its unrivaled versatility makes it a top choice for these active and busy competitive events, and its ease of application makes it perfect for a busy team who need to set-up and take down their shelter quickly. Engineered for daily use, this gazebo boasts exceptional strength. The aluminum framework, featuring robust 50mm hexagonal legs and full-profile aluminum joints, ensures unparalleled durability. Whether it's for sheltering your guests or your team's vehicles, the Gala Shade Pro 50 pop-up gazebo excels in all realms, cementing its status as the ultimate choice for motorsport enthusiasts.

Price from: £449.99
Frame Strength 
Gala Shade Pro 60

Introducing the Gala Shade Pro 60 gazebo, the latest addition to Gala Tent's remarkable range and the epitome of strength and versatility. As the strongest gazebo currently in the Gala Shade product range, it stands unrivaled in its class. Boasting 60mm hexagonal aluminum legs and double-reinforced profile aluminum joints, this gazebo sets new standards for durability, providing reliable shelter in demanding environments. Available as 3m x 6m or 4m x 8m, it is also the largest pop-up gazebo we sell, and with such generous dimensions it can be the ultimate vehicle shelter, a secure garage, or even a luxurious VIP guest lounge. For motorsport paddocks, where extreme use and high traffic are commonplace, the Gala Shade Pro 60 reigns supreme, ensuring exceptional performance in every scenario.

Price from: £1074.99
Frame Strength 

Pop-Up Motorsport Tent Accessories

Freestanding Motorsport Tents for Sale

MQ-65 Freetsanding Motorsport Awning

A fully customisable monster of a motorsport awning available in 4 sizes. This extra heavy duty tent is a perfect combination of the solid structural integrity of the Gala Tent Fusion Marquee and the highly customisable covers of our branded pop-up gazebo range. Introduced as a competition product to the Italian made Gatel or Linea Tende tents which are very popular in karting, the Marque 65 has framework which is at least 20mm thicker than those (65mm, hence the Marque 65 name), and covers which are twice as thick (650gsm heavy duty PVC, as used in our Fusion and PVC Marquee ranges). The MQ-65 can also be customised on all walls as well as the canopy. The frame is manufactured using T-6061 Aluminium with heavy duty Steel joints. The posts and poles measuring in at 65 x 65 x 2.5mm.

Price from: £4799.

Helpful Information

Covering the Vehicle: Protection from the Elements

The primary purpose of a motorsport tent is to provide shelter and protection for vehicles. Whether it's a race car, a support vehicle, or a pit crew trailer, a high-quality tent ensures that these valuable assets are shielded from the elements. The Gala Shade Pro Gazebo range, manufactured by Gala Tent, are the perfect solution to the needs of racing teams. These tents feature waterproof covers that provide reliable shelter even in challenging weather conditions. With a lightweight yet super-strong 40mm, 50mm, or even 60mm framework, these tents offer durability without compromising on portability.

Storing Tyres and Equipment: Organised and Accessible

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, having quick and easy access to tyres and equipment is crucial. Motorsport tents offer a convenient solution for storing and organising these essential items. With the Gala Shade range of race tents, teams can set up dedicated areas within the tent for storing tyres, tools, spare parts, and other equipment. This ensures that everything is easily accessible, saving valuable time during pit stops and allowing for efficient maintenance and repairs.

Changing Space: Privacy and Convenience

During a motorsport event, race teams require a designated area for drivers and crew members to change into their race suits and prepare for the action-packed races. Motorsport tents offer the perfect solution, providing privacy and convenience for these essential activities. The Gala Shade range of race tents can be customised to include separate changing areas, complete with partitions and seating. This ensures that the team can prepare for the races in a comfortable and organised space.

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