Set of 2 - Gazebo Weights - Leg Sand Bag - Pair

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Steady Your Gazebo with Gala Tent's Versatile Leg Weight Bags!

Hosting an outdoor event? Ensure the centrepiece - your gazebo - remains steadfast, irrespective of those surprise gusts.

Gala Tent pop up gazebos are indeed among the sturdiest event tents you'll find. Yet, it's always wise to be prepared for those unforeseen windy moments. That's where our canvas gazebo leg weight bags come into play.

These adaptable weight bags, sold in pairs, are meticulously designed to offer 13kg of anchorage when filled with a material of your choice - be it sand, gravel, or earth. Crafted for convenience, they feature a tubular shape with a secure zip on top. This ensures that the filler material remains intact, offering stability throughout your event.

Moreover, with built-in rings on these weight bags, further anchoring becomes a breeze. If you're setting up on softer grounds, you can effortlessly peg them down, doubling up on their security.

Don't let the wind dictate your event's success. Trust in Gala Tent's Gazebo Leg Weight Bags to keep things grounded. Grab yours today and ensure every event remains undisturbed and seamlessly anchored!

Features and Specifications
  • Heavy-duty polyester material
  • Heavy-duty Velcro straps
  • Heavy-duty securing eyelet
  • Durable robust zips
  • Anchor eyelet for heavy duty peg

  • Height: 43cm – Width: 47cm
  • Packed in pairs

Recommended pairs of weighted feet for Gala Shade
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  • 4m x 8m – QTY: x 3 sets

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