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Gazebo Tent Q&A

Welcome to our list of frequently (and infrequently) asked questions about pop-up gazebos and everything to do with them. This is a regularly updated gazebo knowledge base, so if we can’t answer your question here, why not give us a call on 01709 242454 and chat to the team. Maybe your question can help a future customer?

How do I put up a pop-up gazebo?

It’s really quite simple to erect a pop-up gazebo.


Here is a brief step-by-step guide:

  • Once it is out of any storage bag, stand it upright and pull the legs apart a few feet
  • Place the canopy onto the frame, lining up the corner Velcro to that on the top of the legs, and pulling the roof toggles over the gazebo peak pole
  • Once it is all on the frame, firmly pull the frame open by pushing the scissor of the truss bar closed and stepping backwards so that the structure opens. It may require a firm hand at the final stage. Tidy and straighten gazebo canopy as you go, if required
  • Move around the pop-up gazebo pushing the locking mechanisms into place until they click
  • Tidy the canopy and ensure everything is straight before lifting the legs
  • Pull the spindle pin out and slide each leg to the desired setting
  • Clip the canopy securely to the frame and tighten the strap
  • Attach any weights or sidewalls as required
  • Use your pop-up gazebo

You can find video instructions of this process here, and you can find all assembly instructions per gazebo model here. Alternatively, give us a call on 01709 242454 and we’ll help you out.

how do i collapse a pop-up gazebo?



It is extremely simple to collapse a pop-up gazebo. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide:

    1. Unclip the gazebo canopy from the frame at the various points
    2. Pull the spindle pins from the legs of one side, and gently lower the legs to the bottom setting
    3. Repeat with the remaining legs
    4. Unhook the gazebo peak pole toggle so that the canopy is only fix to the frame via the velcro at each leg
    5. Pull the gazebo locking spindle pins from each leg so that the roof is unlocked and gently push from two opposite sides of the framework so that the gazebo begins to constrict
    6. When the gazebo frame is three quarters collapsed, pull the gazebo canopy from the scissors of the truss to avoid nipping and perforation, and lift it from the frame
    7. Fold gazebo canopy away clean and dry. If it is wet, it is fine to transporter wet but we recommend that you allow it to dry fully before packing away to store
    8. Push the gazebo structure all the way closed and place back into storage bag if you have one
    9. Look forward to using it again next time

If you’re having trouble dismantling your pop-up gazebo, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01709 242454 or start a Live Chat and we’ll be happy to assist.

What’s the strongest pop-up gazebo?


The strongest pop-up gazebo for sale at Gala Tent is the Gala Shade Pro 50. It has 50mm hexagonal legs that use 2mm gauge aluminium, plus profile aluminium joints and fixings. This pop-up gazebo is the strongest currently available on the UK market. You can find it here, or give the team a call on 01709 242454 to discuss your needs.

What’s the lightest pop-up gazebo?


The lightest pop-up gazebo for sale at Gala Tent is the Gala Shade Pro DX. With flexible 32mm octagonal steel legs and hammer tested nylon joints, it has been designed for light home and garden use, but is proven to withstand winds of around 20mph and driving rain, so we can confidently say you won’t be able to buy a stronger pop-up gazebo for less. You can find it here, or give the team a call on 01709 242454 to discuss your needs.

What’s the heaviest pop-up gazebo?


The heaviest commercial gazebo for sale at Gala Tent is the Gala Shade Pro 50. It is designed for regular, demanding use, and can be seen at countless markets up and down the country. The heaviest recreational gazebo for sale at Gala Tent is the Gala Shade Pro MX, which is a steel framed construction, designed for light commercial or home and garden use.

You can find the Gala Shade Pro 50 here, and the Gala Shade Pro MX here. Alternatively, just give us a call on 01709 242454 and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the cheapest pop-up gazebo?


The cheapest pop-up gazebo for sale at Gala Tent is the Gala Shade Pro DX. At only £149.99, you will not find a stronger home and garden pop-up gazebo for less. It uses the same universal gazebo covers as the top-of-the-range model, which means it delivers extreme water resistance, with a hydrostatic head of 6000. You can find it here or give us a call on 01709 242454 and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the best pop-up gazebo?


The best gazebo for you depends on what you expect to do with it. We have set up an easy frame strength rating system on both our home page and our Shop page, with recommendations for what they can be used for.

In terms of the strongest, heaviest-duty and longest-lasting, the Gala Shade Pro 50 is the best gazebo and you can find it here.

In terms of lightest commercial quality that you can erect alone, it’ll be the Gala Shade Pro 40, which you can find here.

The lowest costed pop-up gazebo is the Pro DX, which you can find here.

The heaviest-duty budget gazebo is the Pro MX, which you can find here.

The gazebo which can pack down the smallest is the Pro 40 Compact, which you can find here.

If you’re still not sure then give the team a call on 01709 242454 and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the pop-up gazebo wind resistance?


Whilst we have not yet performed scientific tests, regular customer feedback is that a Gala Tent pop-up gazebo, when anchored well, will withstand winds of around 35mph. The entry level Pro DX has withstood winds of around 20mph, and was anchored with weights.

Our expert advice is that whilst the tents CAN take winds of 35mph, it’s not strictly suggested that you SHOULD put it up in such conditions. Please use due care and common sense when choosing to put a gazebo up in the wind.

How many are needed people to put up a 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo?


It is absolutely possible to erect a 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo alone, depending on the model of pop-up you have (the heavyweight Pro 50, for example, may be too heavy for some alone, and the Gala Shade Pro DX is ideal to be put up alone), but it’s very much a case of many hands make light work, and for health and safety purposes, we recommend that the optimum number of people to put up a 3m x 3m pop-up gazebo would be two.

How many are needed people to put up a 3m x 4.5m pop-up gazebo?


It is possible for a 3m x 4.5m pop-up gazebo to be erected by one person, especially the lighter frames, such as the Gala Shade Pro 40, but it is a much bigger structure than you might expect. For balance, as well as health and safety, we recommend that you use two people to put a 3m x 4.5m up.

How many are needed people to put up a 3m x 6m pop-up gazebo?

Due to the number of legs in a 3m x 6m pop-up gazebo, it is recommended that at least two people are involved in erecting it. The optimum number would be three, but two people can comfortably put it up.

How many are needed people to put up a 4m x 6m pop-up gazebo?


Despite it only having four legs, a 4m x 6m pop-up gazebo is a very large, and heavy piece of kit, as it is only available in the top-of-the-range Pro 50 gazebo. It is possible to erect this gazebo with two people, but due to the imposing size and weight, we’d recommend four.

How many are needed people to put up a 4m x 8m pop-up gazebo?


The biggest size available from Gala Tent, a 4m x 8m pop-up gazebo is a very large, and extremely heavy piece of kit. It is possible to slowly erect this gazebo with two people, but due to the imposing size and weight, we’d recommend at least four.

How many weights do I need on my pop-up gazebo?


The genuine answer is as many or as much weight(s) as possible. There is no such thing as too much anchorage for your gazebo. However, we know that not every budget will stretch to a dozen weights on every leg, so the sensible answer is in this easy guide:

Fair weather, light winds - 13-15kg per leg
Poor weather, moderate winds - 26-30 kg per leg
Adverse weather, moderate-high winds - 50kg per leg
Storms and gale-force winds - We beg you not to put your tent up

You can find all weights, tie-downs and other anchorage options for your pop-up gazebo here or why not just give us a bell on 01709 242454 and we'll help you out as best we can.

What's the smallest gazebo for sale?


The superlight, Pro 40 Compact Pop-Up Gazebo has been developed specifically for this purpose. Most pop-up gazebos will come with a packed-down frame length of around 1.6m - 2m, which is just too long to fit into the boots of most vehicles. The Pro 40 Compact Gazebo packs down to a tiny 105cm in length, which could easily fit on the back seat of an old Micra.

If you’d like to know more about this gazebo then head over to the product information page here, or why not just give us a call on 01709 242454 and we’ll be happy to help?

How much do gazebos cost

How much do you want to spend?!


Just kidding. The simplest answer is that they start at £149.99 including VAT for a 3m x 3m garden gazebo, and can go up to more than £3000 for a fully customised 4m x 8m top-of-the-range pop-up gazebo. We have various resources available on the Advice Centre of our website to help you find the most appropriate tent for your needs, or why not just give the team a call on 01709 242454 and we'll be happy to help? 

what colour pop-up gazebos can I get

We supply Twelve Great Colours of Gazebo.


From the neutral tones of White, Black, Grey and Taupe, through the more colourful Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and the eye-catching camouflage-style Leaftree, there are twelve excellent colours available for free next working day delivery. 

If you want colour matched, or customised gazebo covers, then we can oblige with our gazebo printing service (further design inspiration and ideas can be found here). This usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on time of year, so if you want something a little special like a lovely deep Maroon, or a more conservative Beige, get in touch and have a chat with the team on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat session, or drop us an email with your ideas and we'll be happy to help. 

how waterproof are the gazebos



All of Gala Tent's products are designed and built with the weather, especially rain, in mind. 


How waterproof are the gazebos?

Each one of Gala Tent's pop-up gazebo frames has a universal 600d PVC-coated polyester canopy, which means that you're getting the same roof with the cheapest gazebo we sell that you would with the top-of-the-range gazebo. These canopies have a hydrostatic head of 6000, which means that you could tip up a water-filled tube, press it against the material, and it would need to be 6000mm long before the water began to infiltrate the canopy. Over a long period of time, or if the canopy is mistreated, you may find the seams begin to stretch and water can infiltrate the tent then, but we supply sealant and replacement canopies, so you can remain dry forever. 


How about Marquees?

All Gala Tent Marquees are very highly water resistant, with the 650gsm PVC of the Elite or Fusion Marquees being absolutely impervious to water. The 240gsm Polyethylene (PE) is a woven, tarpaulin-type material, which has been treated extensively to ensure water-resistance. Over an extended period of time, you may wish to replace individual panels, and this is the beauty of shopping with Gala Tent. We can supply spare panels for old frames next working day. 


If you'd like to discuss your options for a waterproof event tent then why not give the team a call on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat session, or drop us an email and we'll be happy to help. 

How do I repair my gazebo



Gala Tent prides itself on our ability to offer next working day delivery on all spare and replacement parts for your gazebo, from a pack of nuts and bolts, up to a spare leg, and on to a whole set of covers. 


Our useful visual guide to the components of each model of gazebo can be found here. Simply point at the part of the gazebo you're wanting a part for, and the guide will sort you out. If you get stuck though, please do get in touch with the team on 01709 242454, start a Live Chat session, or drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to help. 

What pantones are your gazebos

You want pantones? Here you go!


If you're looking to incorporate the colour of a gazebo you've bought, or are wanting to purchase, please see a useful list of the pantones used in our stock gazebo colours. 


Red - 207C

Blue - 293C

Yellow - 123C

Green - 349C

Orange - 165C

Purple - 2602C

Pink - 219C

Grey - 4C

Black - 6C

Taupe - 409C

White and Leaftree do not have a pantone attached to them. 

what is the cost of a printed gazebo

If you can imagine it, we can realise it!


Gala Tent has a fantastic in-house design and printing team that can complete gazebo customisation for you, to whichever level you'd like. If you want a simple logo on the canopy or the sidewalls then we can achieve that in a matter of a few days, or if you want full colour matched gazebo canopy and walls, with a neon go-faster stripe running from front to back, we can achieve that in 2-4 weeks. 

When we create a printed gazebo for you, we would ask you to provide your logos/artwork in a high resolution Vector format, such as PNG or PDF. Our designers will then work to your specific needs and create some artwork. You're free to make unlimited amends until you're happy with it, then it will go to print. 

Costs are difficult to provide immediately, as there are lots of variables, such as logo size, or the size and model of frame you select, so it is much simpler to discuss your requirements in person, and we can provide an accurate and competitive quote for you to consider. Give us a call on 01709 242454 if you'd like to have a chat about it. 

You can find inspiration and ideas for what you can achieve with a printed gazebo, including some examples of previously completed works, here

If you know what you want but aren't sure how to describe it, why not go and have a look at our 3D Printed Gazebo Design app? Simply add the walls, change the colour, and start uploading artwork. You might even have a lot of fun whilst you do it!

how to clean a gazebo


Gala Tent gazebos are very easy to maintain, and if you look after them well, you can get many years of loyal use from them. If they do get dirty, or grubby over time, you can wash them with a gentle washing liquid and water. 

There is also a brand of awning and tent cleaner by the name of Fenwicks that you can pick up quite cheap from many reputable hardware and camping stores. 

To ensure your gazebo lasts as long as it can, please ensure you remove the canopy and walls from the frame when you dismantle it, and pack them away neatly, and most importantly, dry. If they are wet from an event or show, then when you get back home or to your office, make sure you let them dry fully before packing away for next time. 

what is dye sublimation in a printed gazebo


Dye Sublimation (Dye sub), in the broadest possible sense, is the printing process in which inks are exposed to high temperatures and fuse with fabrics, to create detailed and vibrant images that are contained within the material, so that the lifetime of the image can stretch to far longer than other forms of printing would allow. Gala Tent uses the dye sublimation printing process for our highest quality, premium grade printed gazebos. 


Where our vinyl printing option is chargeable per logo, and depends on the size of each, dye sub printing means you'll pay for a full printed canopy, and what you put on there is absolutely unlimited. Colour matching, high definition imagery, and design flashes to your heart's content. Dye sublimation printing can do it all. 


You can find more information on printed gazebos here.


what is vinyl print on a gazebo


Vinyl printing is the method in which pieces of coloured vinyl are machine-cut to shape and heat-pressed onto the material of the gazebo covers. It is a method which delivers a quick turnaround, and when the vinyl is UV protected, will last for many years of use before fading.

Gala Tent uses vinyl printing to create great, speedy results on printed gazebo canopies and sidewalls, on any of the twelve available stock colours.

The benefit to Vinyl Printing for your gazebo is that it is extremely cost effective if you only require a small amount of printing, and can be delivered in as quickly as 2-3 days, depending on the demand of the season. Get in touch with the team on 01709 242454 to discuss your vinyl printed gazebo needs, or go and find further information regarding printing here




What do your gazebos smell like?

Like a Summer Breeze, flowing through a meadow filled with wild flowers, our gazebos smell incredible.


How tall are the gazebos

Most of them are 328cm...

At the highest point, on the highest leg setting, most Gala Shade pop-up gazebos are 328cm. The reason we say most is that the 4m wide gazebos (4m x 6m and 4m x 8m) have taller legs to compensate for their massive roof sections, so these gazebos can be as high as 343cm. 

This is just the highest point, however. If you require a lower apex to your pop-up gazebo, each one has five adjustable height settings, bringing it down by 15cm (approx 6in) for each 'notch' of the adjustment.

If your question relates to how high it is from the ground to the edge of the roof canopy, for clearance purposes, that would be 205cm on the highest setting. 

If you're not sure, our team is waiting for your call on 01709 242454, or why not start a Live Chat session? 

What's the difference between marquees and gazebos

They both have their benefits!


Whilst both generally performing very similar roles, there are great differences between pop-up gazebos and marquees.

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